1. Znak

    LO Machine Maintenance

    Hoping to get some clear instructions on what I should be lubricating and what I should using isopropyl alcohol on my LO machine. Currently, I'm only cleaning the clamps (teeth), rails, gripper with alcohol — but now there's alot of squeaking in the base of the clamps. I tried taking off the...
  2. S

    Babolat Perf Link

    I have a Wilson Baiardo and I am going to buy the Babolat Perf Link. This is the full automatic machine. One of my friends in Europe advised me that the automatic clamps fail periodically and release tension for no reason. Does anyone have any experience with this? My friend suggested I ask...
  3. B

    Automatic Re-Gripping Machine: Is there a need?

    I'm in my final year of a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Bath, and I've been tasked with designing a machine which can automatically apply a new grip to a tennis racquet. Part of the task is to assess the market for such a machine and to do that, I need the help of tennis...
  4. Znak

    Entry Level Stringing Machine Question

    Was looking to purchase my first stringing machine, and naturally was looking at Gamma's Progression ii 200/ X-2, but being in Europe I found 4 other interesting options that are in my budget but I don't see much written up about them: Challenger I Premium Stringer 3600 Pro's Pro Pilot Pro's...
  5. VAJ

    Tennis Tutor Raised Platform or other ;upgrades'

    Has anyone raised the height of the Tennis Tutor? I have played many hours with my Tennis Tutor Plus Player for the three years I’ve owned it and now I want it off the ground at least 30 inches so in a straight ball delivery the ball will come out close to level. Has anyone else tried this...
  6. O

    Babolat Star 4 Trigger HELP!!

    I just recently bought a Babolat Star 4 for a really reasonable price. My only problem is that the trigger for the gripper is barely working. It take me a couple of presses in order to tension the string. Is there anyway to fix this??? I really need the help!! Want to string on this machine lol