1. threehandedbackhand

    2022 ATP Madrid SF: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Carlos Alcaraz [7]

    This will be huge. H2H Djokovic 0-0 Alcaraz Vegas odds (as of 6 May) (as of 7 May) Sources:
  2. W

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Federer vs Berdych & Federer vs Tipsarevic, Madrid final & semi-final, 2012

    Roger Federer beat Tomas Berdych 3-6, 7-5, 7-5 in the Madrid Masters final, 2012 on blue clay To date, it is the only tournament played on the surface. Federer would go onto win Wimbledon and briefly, hold the number ranking later in the year Federer won 103 points, Berdych 101 Serve Stats...
  3. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 ATP Madrid Final: Djokovic [1] vs Tsitsipas [8]

    Will Djokovic equal the M1000 record and the h2h against Tsitsipas or will Tsitsipas take his first M1000 title?
  4. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 ATP Madrid SF: Djokovic [1] vs Thiem [5]

    We gonna see if Djokovic still cares about masters or will Thiem expose him.
  5. Yugram

    2019 Madrid QF: Rafael Nadal [2] vs Stan Wawrinka

    17-3 H2H, last win for Wawrinka was back in Paris 2015. There are some doubts about Rafa’s form recently though. Will the King prevail and advance to the SF?
  6. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 Madrid QF: Federer [4] vs Thiem [5]

    H2h 2-3. Second meeting on clay.
  7. Enceladus

    2019 Madrid Open 2R - Rafa vs. Felix

    Winner of 17 GS tournaments and greatest clay court player in tennis history against a talented young man from Canada. Will Felix surprise tomorrow tennis world?
  8. eman11

    Rafa Shoe Testing in Madrid Practice Video here: They seem to kind of wrap around in the front (like a glove)... interesting looking shoe
  9. Sum Buddy Ells

    The REAL reason Nadal lost his Madrid QF match

    Fed devotees beware! Was Rafa injured? Tired? Outplayed? There's only one legitimate, matter-of-fact reason for this bewilderingly unexpected fallout... To win Wimbledon again (we all know how badly he wants to) It is no coincidence that Rafa lost his first clay court match of the...
  10. HetTheGreaterer

    Kyle Edmund proves...djokovic victory was not 100% fluke

    Kyle Defeats david Goffin too.. 6-3 6-3 (david actually better CC player than djokovic at this moment) Back to back beatings of djoker and DG in 2R and 3R at Madrid Masters 2018 (Yes djoker in even decent form can beat him easily but still.... ) He has some potential maybe..lacks...
  11. HetTheGreaterer

    Tennis spain has the most neutral organisers......

    I mean just see at their courts in barcelona and madrid open. They could have built super slow playing courts as MC and IW(in some conditions it is worse than clay), as Rafa the home hero will utterly dominate it and his wins also attract more home crowd = more money. But despite that, they have...
  12. ak24alive

    Stan the man is back

    Stan the man will be back at Madrid Open. Now this is one man I have faith in. Who do you find solace in these difficult times? This desert of clay is thirsty for a shower of Swiss Milk and as the mighty Fed is serving the third world in Africa the universe now demands his brother to stand up to...
  13. ak24alive

    Which Clay Masters 1000 is best for Federer to play??

    Let's say Roger decides to play a clay Masters 1000 and Roland Garros in 2018. Considering the light schedule he wants and the court conditions and other factors such as his history at the tournaments which clay Masters1000 tournaments should he play??
  14. C

    2017 Madrid Open Final - [4] Nadal vs [8] Thiem

    Nadal vs Thiem. In the final. Once again. Gotta say I'm more than pleased. Congrats to both players for making the final, especially Thiem on his first Masters final . Good luck and may the best man win. :)
  15. Sentinel

    Nadal not missing Federer

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/Rafael_Nadal/43162/rafael-nadal-i-don-t-miss-federer-/ Please discuss. Thanks.
  16. C

    [9] Goffin vs Khachanov rematch - R1 Mutua Madrid Open 2017

    Only 10 days after their first match on clay and second one overall, all in 2017, now will Khachanov get his second win over a top ten player or will Goffin quickly get his revenge to set up a potential rematch with the King in the QF? :oops: Match is scheduled the third on Manolo Santana...