1. Third Serve

    A poll for actual Next Gen fans

    After the Tsitsipas-Nadal match, I was having a convo with someone in a chat who says they can't think of any actual Tsitsipas fans on the forum, and I'd actually have to agree with that. On a forum full of fans of all sorts of players (though mostly the same three), I can't name a single...
  2. The Blond Blur

    Is Timmy Now a More Accomplished Hard Court Player?

    Now that he's made the AO final, has Timmy's HC achievements surpassed those on clay? Here's the tale of tape. HC: 1 slem F (outcome TBD) and 1 QF 1 Tour Finals F 1 MS1000 W 5 titles (1 250, 3 500's, and the aforementioned MS1000) CC: 2 slem F and 2 SF 2 MS1000 F 10 titles on (8 250's...
  3. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    5th meeting and first in a final between the two. H2H 2-2. Thiem's first HC M1000 final. Fed has the chance to win a record breaking 6th IW title. Both battling for the #4 ranking.
  4. Bender

    ATP Awards First Official Moral Victory to Khachanov

  5. vive le beau jeu !

    2008-2016: the drought is over (?)

    you may not remember it (as it happened during particularly dark times) but the last teenager to reach a final on the tour was... cilic in 2008 ! :confused: (whereas there had always been at least one each year since 1970 !) from: coric just reached the final in chennai at 19...