men's tennis

  1. Krish0608

    Djokovic: Last few days were a confidence booster for clay, I’ve found the game. Now I have to keep it and peak in Paris.

    Novak is not saying anything new here. But he’s NOT playing RG for mere formality as we often hear on these boards. He’s hungry and he wants it. This year he seems to want it more. Probably more so than the previous years. And unlike last few years, it looks like he’s made some essential tweaks...
  2. T

    Men vs women play rating.

    Would you say there is a difference between a men’s 4.5 and women’s 4.5 when it comes to public play? This goes with another post about people having inflated playing ability on Facebook tennis groups. Have seen women post about wanting to only play with “strong 3.5-4.0” players but they being a...
  3. Otacon

    Men's tennis TV audience is the second oldest in professional sports

    Study: Nearly all sports see quick rise in average age of TV viewers in the US as younger fans shift to digital platforms (Published June 5, 2017) According to a striking study of Nielsen television viewership data of 24 sports, all but one have seen the median age of their TV viewers increase...
  4. skip1969

    The Official Fifth-Set Tiebreak Thread

    With the 2017 US Open right around the corner, I thought the time was right to introduce a statistical thread about best-of-five set matches. Part of the reason is to have a thread that can be bumped every time the topic comes up . . . and it does come up. If we don’t bring it up here on the...