mury goat

  1. Bender

    Who is more talented? Rafa Nadal or Pablo Cuevas?

    Nadal has more titles, but Cuevas beat peak Nadal at Rio 2016, meaning that their H2H adjusted for peakness is 1-0 in favour of Cuevas. Cuevas also has a 1HBH, which means he plays an all-court game and is more talented. Also, Cuevas plays more trick shots effortlessly, whereas Nadal had to...
  2. D

    How much do you miss Murray?

    Tennis is pretty boring right now, Next gen still suck and probably always will, Djokovic is Finnish and Nadal is dominating on clay as per usual, and no one will be surprised if Fed wins Halle and Wimbledon again. There’s never been such a desperate time for the Muzziah to make his return but...
  3. D

    What do you think of grass having no masters?

    I think grass should have at least one masters tournament but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts..
  4. Sysyphus

    Who will go deeper in a slam this year: Murray or Noél?

    EZ question. Who will record the best result at a single slam in 2018: the Haggis King or the Mighty Peace & Love Advocate? In Novak's favor: He looks like he'll get three more shots this year versus two for Murray, and he already has a 4th round in the bag. Higher potential level too, though...
  5. D

    Andy Murray has his own museum

    Andy Murray is continuing his rehabilitation trying to recover from his hip injury, and, now that around 40 days are gone since he underwent surgery in Melbourne, Australia, the former world No. 1 is back in business doing his activities with sponsors. The advertisement video for Aberdeen...
  6. ZiggyStardust

    Novak is fair, Andy is brilliant!

    And Rafa, nerdy I guess? At least that's what David Ferrer thinks. http://www.**************.org/news/news/Rafael_Nadal/40811/david-ferrer-i-admire-nadal-s-education-federer-s-elegance-while-about-djokovic-/ "Describing what he most likes about the Fab Four, Ferrer said: 'About Rafa...
  7. stringertom

    30-something Titles in 2017

    Already two 250s, a slam and a Challenger title and it's not Valentines Day yet! What's your guess on total title hauls by the Metamucil Militia??? Discuss.
  8. stringertom

    Interesting Parallels for All Three ATP250s

    All three sets of SFs this weekend feature the #2-4 seeds surviving with each #1 seed knocked out early. Only giant killer Dreddy at Montpellier failed to advance after knocking out top seed Cilic. VEB continued on today after beating Dr. Ivo in Quito and surprising Georgian Basilashvili...