1. Rafa4LifeEver

    Talk Tennnis hypothetical scenario - Murray with Wawrinka's FH v/s Wawrinka with Murray's ROS - Who would be a better player?

    Yes, you read it. In my opinion, Murray's Forehand is the biggest weakness in his game (2nd serve is another) while Return of Serve is the biggest weakness in the Swiss star Wawrinka's game. Despite that, both have played spectacular tennis and won 3 slams each. Now, if we were to...
  2. jl809

    Andy Murray will win Wimbledon 2023 (with evidence)

    Got himself in a scheduling / long match nightmare and still nearly got to the 2nd week at the AO. Will not be so unlucky with his R1 draw again Shown he can beat Berrettini over 5 sets now Handled Kyrgios nicely last year on grass before Kyrgios went on to reach the Wimbledon final His main 2...
  3. jl809

    The one thing bringing peace and unity to the warring fanbases

  4. jl809

    The best moment of this year’s Australian Open by far, regardless of what happens next

    Video of it is in the replies to the tweet ^
  5. jl809

    The stars are aligning for our knight and barron at AO 23

    Djokovic injured Nadal with a terrible draw, and playing like a bum Medvedev with a declined game and confidence level Alcaraz injured Tsitsipas still with mental issues vs the old guard FAA, Ruud, Rublev etc in bad form Lendl back in the team It’s all coming together for our knight of the...
  6. jl809

    Looking for an Andy Murray meme

    SUPER IMPORTANT TTW TOPIC HERE. It’s the one where he’s the title card of various TV shows like Netflix’s You. I’ve seen it on this site before so I know it’s out there. Anyone know where to find it?
  7. C

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

    Hoap you'll like this dance as much as I do. Merry everyone. : ) And of course:
  8. C

    "Andy Murray's crying moment at Washington - It was something had been building up for quite a long

    Andy's interview with Prime after the Duckworth match where he talks about the Washington moment (very nice and kind words form Daniela) and how people have come up to him and talk to him about it despite the (stupid) conventional idea that showing emotions on court is a sign of weakness, which...
  9. ak24alive

    MURYGOAT withdraws from Wimbledon