1. MS_07

    CHUNG winning A0 2O18

    fedr grandpa has a history of losing first 1-2 matches against new talented starts before he figures them out. it can be a tough SF though. unlike zverev chung has winner mentality for 5 setters. so he will go the distance if grandpa played well. cilic/edmond are not a big issue if you have...
  2. GabeT

    Nole fans, who do we root for now?

    Well, that didn’t go well! Now what do I do? With Nole out of the picture who do I root for? I’m thinking Nadal, so to give the GOAT race new legs. But maybe someone else?
  3. Backspin1183

    Rafael Nadal Says Lower-ranked Players Need More Money

    Melbourne: World number one Rafa Nadal voiced his support for players to demand a greater share of tennis revenues, saying that more lower-ranked professionals should be able to make a living from the sport. Nadal's comments follow media reports this week that Novak Djokovic, the president of...
  4. kalyan4fedever

    AO 2018 court SPEED, looks slow

    heard that it was same as before year, but looks slow to me, advantage to grinders like nadal and djokovic, not AGAIN! Slow courts are SO boring to watch, nadal is exploting these slow courts to his favor. Federer should be prepared to SLAY the field(mindset), no matter who, only way to win this
  5. ctrl-alt-del

    Did AO organizers "fix" Nadal's questionable cakewalk draw?

    Below is my analysis of Nadal’s questionable draw. My hypothesis is that the draw was rigged by the organizers of the Australian Open to increase the chance of Nadal facing #17 Kyrgios (an Australian) in the semifinals, then Federer in the final. Federer, Del Potro, Djokovic and Wawrinka are...
  6. Otacon

    Federer will keep playing until his Grand Slam lead is insurmountable

    Annabel Croft : “You know what I think is keeping him going, for the majority of his career now he’s been playing with the kind of piece of history hanging over his head of being the greatest ever, so he’s played the majority of his career knowing that he is possibly going to end his career as...
  7. eman11

    FS Multiple Nike/Adidas shirts/shorts

    Selling clothes that sit in my closet/ drawers Most medium, some large. Apparel Item Description (Brand): Nike 2009 Australian Open Rafa day shirt Quantity: 1 Size: Large (small sizing, Moe like a medium) Condition (x out of 10): 6 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely...
  8. Backspin1183

    2017 would be remembered for...

    Nadal's historic La Decima at Roland Garros. Roger F winning record 8th Wimbledon. Oldest year end number 1 of the Open Era. Longevity. The "No Excuses" Grand Slam final won by F. "Claydal" winning his third US Open clay court title. Dimitrov peaks on a tennis court to win the...
  9. Otacon

    Which member of the Big 4 will be the first to announce his retirement ?

    Chronic injuries, mental weariness, lack of motivation, advanced age, the reasons for retirement are numerous, so who among Federer, Murray, Nadal and Djokovic will be the first to call it a career ?
  10. Otacon

    What to expect in 2018 ? Jeff Salzenstein's predicitions

    It's predictions time and Jeff Salzenstein, a former top 100 player, makes no exception. 2018 is going to be the Djokovic year according to him, and Murray could surprise us all and call it a career sooner rather than later. It starts at 18:45
  11. Otacon

    Was Federer’s inability to convert break points mental or technical ?

    We’ve talked a lot about Federer’s improved backhand this year. But in my mind, much of Federer's success in 2017, especially against Nadal, came from his new approach to the backhand return. Of course, both are related but Fed managed to stop run-around Rafa from taking charge with his forehand...
  12. Backspin1183

    Most objective Federer vs Nadal head to head.

    To be fair to both players, we should count the matches that were played on their best surfaces, clay for Nadal and grass for Federer. Nadal is the king of clay and Federer is the king of grass. Nadal leads 13-2 (86.66%) on clay while Federer leads 2-1 (66.66%) on grass. Overall, Nadal leads...
  13. Krish0608

    RG '08 Rafa vs Nole

    RG '08 is best known for its one sided, embarrassing loss of Fed against PEAKdal on clay. But the real gem in that tournament in Rafa vs Nole. The first 2 sets are a blowout. Nole comes to life in the 3rd, coming back from down a break and going toe to toe with the greatest Nadal we have seen...
  14. Backspin1183

    Marat Safin: Nadal more impressive than Federer

    He said it. Nadal more epic than Federer. @MichaelNadal Marat Safin believes Rafael Nadal is a more impressive tennis player than Roger Federer because of how much harder he has to work than the 19-time Grand Slam champion. The former world No. 1 has watched on as the legendary duo topped...
  15. N

    Should Nadal skip tournaments in 2018?

    If so, which ones? The intent being to save his body for maximizing winning potential at the tournaments he cares about/ has a good shot at.
  16. J

    I'm really happy that Dimitrov is finally showing what he's really made of

    I remember the poor "Dimitrov destroyed once more LOL" and the mockers saying he's a poor man's Gasquet but he's playing with some spunk and grit, you have a backbone and a really decent game to go with it he could have a potentially awesome 2018 and a danger to win the Australian Open with...