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  1. Enceladus

    2019 French Open - (1.) Naomi Osaka vs. Victoria Azarenka

    Two-time GS winners, current and former WTA No. 1 against each other. Osaka showed poor performance in the first round against AKS and advanced with good luck. Azarenka eliminated 2017 RG champion Ostapenko in the first round. What are your predictions before this match? I expect Azarenka to win.
  2. Simon_the_furry

    Anyone know how to send Naomi Osaka a personal letter?

    I'm looking to hopefully contact her. I just want to send her a personal note of congratulations and an apology for the fans. I feel really bad for her, and I think this would be a really nice thing to do.
  3. brian anderson

    Serena Williams

    joker by far has the worst post match crowd love maneuver. hand to his heart to each section of the stadium. makes me want to puke agassi’s was pretty lame too
  4. NuBas

    Osaka News

    Thread dedicated to Naomi Osaka news. Wiki: Instagram: Twitter:^tfw Profile:
  5. W

    What's wrong with Naomi Osaka?

    In her last three tournaments, Naomi Osaka has lost to -#60 Magda Linette in 2nd rd--Washington DC -#25 Carla Suarez Navarros 1st rd--Montreal -#31 Maria Sakkari 1st rd--Cincinnati All beatable matches. What is wrong with her lately? Is she like many other woman tennis pros who just doesn't...