1. DeeeFoo

    Behold, my DIY tennis ball machine automatic launcher.... thingy (quarantine woes)

    We're all stuck at home in this quarantine, and all the tennis courts in my are are locked/closed. So I tried to think of a way to get in some tennis practice while at home, so that I can keep exercising and not get rusty. I was browsing through videos of various tennis products on Youtube (as...
  2. Y

    How to fix net on a fixed net post

    So my tennis courts have net posts that look like this (see attached pictures) Recently, a few of the nets have started sagging and now are multiple inches too low. I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the tension on a net of this type. At first, we tried...
  3. V

    Rules question: Ball hitting the net and net hitting opponent's racquet

    When playing doubles one opponent stays very close to the net. I hit a very hard shot. My opponent puts his racquet as close as possible to the net. My shot hits and pushes the net till it touches my opponent's racquet. The ball bounces back into my court. The was shot clearly wouldn't cross...