new racket

  1. M

    New Racquets

    I am 16 years old, when I was 13 I bought i pure aero team, now I am feeling way lighter than I would like, so I was looking to buy a new one. As I am a more aggressive and strong player I was looking for a racquet with more control. I just tested de vcore pro 97(310) and I loved it but I...
  2. Rudi Bergner

    Matching 2 rackets with lead tape

    hello fellow tennis people, My case is 2 yonex ezone 98 (305) brand new. They have the same balance but 2 grams difference. mine weights 305g as labelled and the other weights 307g. usualy I put lead on3 and 9 o’clock on my rackets, but beber more than 4 grams... maybe it’s less. my question...
  3. Rudi Bergner

    Choosing a new racket! (Problem with the actual gear)

    I’m searching for a new stick. I’ll tell you the back story. Until November 2019 I was playing with a Dunlop force 98 (the orange one) In August I Changed the original grip with a leather grip (the tennis wharehouse one actually), and it felt really good, I got that feel I had when I used to...
  4. J

    Blade, but less demanding as Blade 98s

    Hello, I've tried Blade 98s and it's a bit to demanding for me and lacks some power. All of the Blades looks very interesting. I like to play aggressive from base line with heavy spin and especially forehand winners. Was thinking about Blade 101l. All of the 12, 13 years old club players use...
  5. D

    To switch or not to switch (racquets that is)

    Finally jumped on the RF97 wagon and had my first hit yesterday. Played a few groundies and a set, now I’m torn between switching to this and keeping my Yonex Duel 97. I also need to figure out how to play consistently outdoors again after being spoiled by the bubble in the background.
  6. G

    Thoughts on new racket

    I am a 3.5 tennis player. I play constantly for the past two and a half years. I play with a 2015 Head Speed Touch MP. I was never keen on my racket but one year ago when I tried some demos I found it difficult telling the difference between rackets. Last 3 months I play with golfer's elbow...