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  1. EloQuent

    Andrey Rublev appreciation thread

    Not sure if there's already a thread like this but Rublev is under the radar one of the most impressive young players. Barely 20 and ranked 39, if he wins Doha he'll be ranked 29. Could easily end 2018 in top 10. I think he's an interesting player and worth watching. Other young players...
  2. T

    Andrey Rublev Wilson Ultra

    If you look on ATP's Instagram story you will see that Rublev is playing with a racquet in the ultra paint job.
  3. Conish

    Zverev Out of Nex Gen Finals?

    Looking through the build up for the Next Gen Finals in Milan next week, there’s no sign of Alexander Zverev anymore! I suppose he’s focussing more on the Nitto World Tour Finals in London. Makes sense, but would’ve been interesting to see him play both. Doubt any other player for a while will...
  4. Adv. Edberg

    Big rule changes to come to the ATP shortly

    I guess we all knew this was coming, especially as the retirements of the big 4 are around the corner. The ITF has decided to dumb down tennis, starting with the Next Gen Finals this year, but will move to the regular tour shortly. "The tournament will trial a number of rule changes and...
  5. -NN-

    Predict the total tournament victories for the following players...

    A.Zverev B.Coric D.Thiem G.Dimitrov J.Sock K.Nishikori L.Pouille M.Raonic N.Kyrgios And any others you fancy. I'm sure not all of these guys will necessarily do better than say, Kyle Edmund, Hyeon Chung or BERNARD TOMIC. Predict how many titles these chaps will win, and perhaps include...