1. James P

    Big Title Haul - NextGen Part 2

    This is a remaking of the Hitman thread. He appears to have left permanently. Just rebuilding the thread to maintain the numbers. For the purposes of this thread, I'll define "Next Gen" as those players born 1995 and later. I will include the newest Next Gen classes born in the 2000s. Name...
  2. UnforcedTerror

    How many slams will Medzedtsipas win?

    Let's vote and bump this one in a few years. :whistle: Show your best, ttwers. How many they're going to win COMBINED?
  3. James P

    Post USO, the narratives

    It's really interesting how a fortnight can completely change the tour and your perception of players on the tour. For good or bad, by the way, no judgements made here. . Carlos Alcaraz was a known prodigious prospect, but most probably said to themselves, oh he's two years away, if he even...
  4. James P

    Poll: Alright bros, first semifinal with all top 4 in a while, who do you got?

    Who wins The Real Slam, Cincinnati Masters 1000?
  5. Aabye5

    Does the player who wins Toronto win Cincy, too?

    I've yet to see one player on a hot streak in Toronto this year, but can the player who breaks through carry that momentum to Cincinnati?
  6. James P

    Guess that player...

    Without looking it up, if I was to tell you that the top 5 NextGen players in win percentage vs the top 10 is: 1. Medvedev 2. Guess this player 3. Tsitsipas 4. Zverev 5. Opelka minimum 10 matches, who do you think this player is?
  7. spottishwood

    Who has the best net skills among next gen?

    So what are your opinions?
  8. James P

    Random Statistics: Now Gen/Next Gen H2H Records

    Both men and women, Now Gen (95-99) and Next Gen (00+) H2H records within that group only. This is a record just within their generations, so for instance Tsitsipas has a 66-27 record against all players born after 1 January 1995. Barty has a 53-15 record against the same. This is up to date...
  9. James P

    Positives for NextGen post-Wimbledon

    NextGen or the 1996+ crowd actually had a pretty positive Wimbledon in every aspect except in stopping Djokovic, something that was the most obvious result in the world to predict. But if you look beyond that to the experience gained and the movement up the rankings, it's pretty undeniable...
  10. James P

    Bet you didn't know this stat of the day...

    Matteo Berrettini has the best record at the Slam level of competition of all men born after 1995. Berrettini (30-12, 71.4%) Zverev (58-24, 70.7%) Medvedev (38-18, 67.9%) Khachanov (38-19, 66.7%) Tsitsipas (31-16, 66.0%) Rublev (30-16, 65.2%) Kyrgios (44-27, 62.0%) Shapovalov (23-15, 60.5%) If...
  11. James P

    Is the tour getting younger?

    Was looking at the stats that @helterskelter provides for the age of players per round, and it has become apparent that older players are fading quite a bit, but I didn't want to leave it at that without doing some diligence. So I created a table of all players 30 years old at the start of the...
  12. Third Serve

    A poll for actual Next Gen fans

    After the Tsitsipas-Nadal match, I was having a convo with someone in a chat who says they can't think of any actual Tsitsipas fans on the forum, and I'd actually have to agree with that. On a forum full of fans of all sorts of players (though mostly the same three), I can't name a single...
  13. James P

    NewGen vs NextGen H2H

    How are the youngest on tour, those born on or after 1 January 2000, faring against the formerly dubbed NextGen (1995-1999) crowd? I've identified only 12 NewGen that have played matches against NextGen, but here are the results: Name (DOB) Nationality Matches Wins Losses Win % Felix...
  14. Z

    An analysis of Forehand greatness After my Musetti post, I sat down yesterday and quickly threw out what a forehand needs, and what it doesn't. Greatness requires gravity and minimal wrist movement to allow SW maximization. Discuss
  15. Rafa4LifeEver

    Will it be a hat-trick of hunting down the WTF champ at the AO?

    Hello lovely ladies and Gentlemen, Carl here. First of all, lemme define Hat-Trick for you In sport of cricket, hat-trick is termed as an achievement for bowler when he/she dismisses the wickets of 3 batsmen off 3 consecutive deliveries. Now...
  16. daggerman

    Poll: Which NextGen player will become the best grass court player?

    To date, none of the NextGen players (for these purposes, we'll say that includes players Medvedev's age and younger) have so much as made a QF at Wimbledon, so it's hard to predict who among them will have the best chances to collect Wimbledon trophies going forward. But based on their games...
  17. HetTheGreaterer

    Why most of the nextgen players suck at return??

    Not particularly comparing to big 3, but the whole generation of decent players before the Tsitsi-Sascha-Shapo-Felix-Khach-Berrettini generation, with Daniil Medvedev being the only possible exception. This is a pattern amongst almost all of the nextgen players, their return as a shot is pure...
  18. HetTheGreaterer

    The final at AO 2020 you would wish to take place/want to happen the most

    It is the 1st slam of 2020s and probably the most hyped due to multiple factors, given below. 1) Fedal slam race is the closest it could be 2) Djokovic's form in question, though it remains to watch if he's able to defend his fortress yet again 3) Massive improvements in the forms of Nextgen...
  19. UnderratedSlam

    4/8 M1000s won by Big 3 this year. A change of guard?

    Not necessarily. 2019 4/9 or 5/9 2018 5/9 2017 5/9 2016 5/9 2015 7/9 2014 7/9 2013 8/9 2012 8/9 2011 7/9 2010 4/9 2009 6/9 2008 5/9 2007 7/9 2006 6/9 (pre-Djokovic) 2005 8/9 (pre-Djokovic) 2004 3/9 (pre-Djokovic/Nadal) If Djokovic, Federer or Nadal win Paris in a few weeks then...
  20. Yugram

    Nadal has never lost a final to NextGen player

    An interesting stat to think about before the US Open final. Lets count: Barcelona 2017 final – Nadal v Thiem 6-4 6-1 Madrid 2017 final – Nadal v Thiem 7-6 6-4 Beijing 2017 final – Nadal v Kyrgios 6-2 6-1 Barcelona 2018 final – Nadal v Tsitsipas 6-2 6-1 Rome 2018 final – Nadal v Zverev 6-1...
  21. HetTheGreaterer

    2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

    So, here we are again. The final of 2019 United States open, last grandslam of the season, with 2 best performers of NA HC season playing each other once again. It's 27th grandslam final for Rafael Nadal & a 5th final at USO (W 2010, 13, 17. L 11). It's the very first grandslam final of any kind...
  22. AlexanderTheGreat08

    US Open SF : (5) Daniil Medvedev vs Grigor Dimitrov

    Let's go H2H 1-1 , 1-0 on HC for the russian
  23. HetTheGreaterer

    What is so special about nadal??

    The lost gen...... The mid gen....... Even the next gen struggles the most against this guy. In general, everyone has an awful record against all of big3, not just nadal. However, against nadal, they are probably the worst. Every hyped up youngster is pummelled into submission by nadal. They can...
  24. Scotter

    Double Fault Gen

    Does "Next Gen" struggle more with double-faulting than any other generation of players? We've seen a ton from Felix 2A, Zverev, and even Tsitsipas, Khachanov a bit. Maybe I'm just noticing it more b/c I'm working through it currently too but the last few weeks seem like it's everywhere singles...
  25. UnderratedSlam

    No 20somethings with slam titles. First time in the history of men's tennis?

    Currently, no player younger than 31 has a slam title. That means none of the pros in their 20s hold even one slam title between the lot of them. Nothing short of shocking. Is this the first time EVER that a decade passes without ONE slam being won by a player born two decades earlier? I.e...
  26. Lleytonstation

    New kid... New slam winner? Next Fed?

    So, I am soon to be a first time father, and even though I am not ready and clearly panicking, I am excited on many levels. However, I am a sports guru and want my son (or daughter) to be competitive at a sport. No, I will not be like Agassi or Tomic dads, but I will try to put them in the best...
  27. HetTheGreaterer

    FAA flying under the radar

    FAA has just made Stuttgart atp250 final. Probably the only nextgen guy who can be a grass specialist as well. (Had my hopes on sascha when he made back to back halle finals, but...) I couldn't watch any of his matches so I'd depend upon all of you guys to know about his game elements this week...
  28. Bender

    ATP Awards First Official Moral Victory to Khachanov

  29. gogo

    Who would be a good coach for Shapo?

    I don't want to jinx things, BUT, Marty Laurendeau has been off for 4 months now with a back injury and 19 year old Denis is trying to find his way. His mother has been a wonderful coach, but he needs someone at this critical juncture to step in and help him deal with some of his "problems"...
  30. Otacon

    Next Gen players lack passion for the game One leading coach – who preferred not to be identified – told the Daily Telegraph that the young pretenders are made from very different stuff to their ageing predecessors. “These kids...