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    Breaking attendance for all 4 slams in 2023

    All 4 slams this year broke records for attendance. Why?
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    College Football 2023-24

    It is here. I took about 5 years off after being a huge fan. Excited but wondering how all the changes will feel.
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    Not Today Kid: Djoker still the best

    Alcaraz might be the next big thing. He might be greater than the big 3. He might win the uso. He might be all these things...
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    They still beat the best in the world... So quit the Weak Era talk

    It's pretty simple. You can whine and complain. You can brings stats and level of play. You can name names and talk about technology. You can say it's unfair. Cool. It's still the BEST in the WORLD no matter what Era it is. Sure, we all joke about weak eras and I think we all know this Era...
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    What year would you like to have been born?

    Would you change when you were born? If you could? I feel like I would enjoy life more in a different Era. For me I wish I was born in 1930. I guess it all depends on where too, but any earlier might be a problem as I honestly don't know I could do what the soldiers did in ww2. Those men were...
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    UFO and aliens are real: who cares

    So the governments are essentially admitting to it at this point. But once again, without any hard evidence, what are they really trying to do? Something fishy going on.
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    "I didn't expect him to play so well this year on grass" SUBTEXT: I have to start trying

    Djoker said it himself. He was not expecting this challenge and you could see it. He was shocked. He thought he had more time. He might be 36, but he hasn't been challenged so he has been on cruise control physically and mentally. He now knows he can now be beat. Two options for Djoker...
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    Original Next-Gen will be missed: say your goodbyes

    Was watching the Sandlot... I couldn't resist [Grigor Narrating] Even though Fed loved weak competition, he was still plenty mad about us next-gen not winning more... ruining his Slam Records. So I didn't feel too bad when he beat me 10 times straight.. instead of the rest of my life. Wow...
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    @beerus Official Tribute Thread

    Today we celebrate a man... Well, we are not certain he* will always identify this way, but for now, we celebrate the man @Beerus... Well, he was @Nole fam at one point as well. Yes, he* may have destroyed his* humanity when he* said "Pancho is top 5 all time," however, you must first destroy...
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    Ruune will do what Thiem could never do

    Ruune reminds me of Thiem. I see an opportunity for Ruun to finally make people have to remember him and for people to finally take him serious. Sure, we all see Ruude as the guy in djokers book when djoker says "after beating 172, I went on to beat Rudd, or was it that other guy?" However...
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    Djoker is the Most Entertaining Athlete in the World

    No Fed, no Rafa, and no 172cm. Yet, djoker drags the entertainment along. Is the tennis great? Nah, not really. But let's be honest, Djoker makes everything interesting and has given the ATP a fiasco like feel. A fiasco that is keeping tennis alive. For this to continue, djoker will need to...
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    No one is looking, but there is a huge match tomorrow

    Djoker vs Tiafoe. Let's see if tiafoe is as good as he thinks. Karma to set in? Will djoker punish his mistake? Djoker: I did it for Fed
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    Fed Forever: Don't you dare move this to retired pros section

    Don't. You. Dare. Big 3 forever.
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    Khachanov is here to stay

    The Red Right Hand, The True Drago, The Hammerin Sickle, The Red October, The Widowmaker, The Russian Rocket, The November Nov (okay I ran out), The MOSCOW GHOST... Kaaaaaarrreeeeeennnnn (not your political "Karen" ) Khhhhaaaaaaaaaccchhhhaaaaannnnooooooooovvvvvvvv!
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    House of The Dragon: I'm hooked; they got me again

    Okay okay. The original GOT was a fresh awakening for sure, but don't sleep on this one. I don't want to be in because of the final season of GOT just ended poor. But I am an idiot and watched it anyways. I'm in?
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    Is Fed in a different Era than djoker? How do we define eras?

    We can never agree on eras and their level. I'm not so sure we can even define eras. Think about this: Fed had won 11 slams by the time djoker reached a slam final and fed bloomed late At one point their slam totals were 1-16 Fed beat sampras on WC while djoker never played him Fed played...
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    The question has finally been answered: Kyrgios could win slams if he trained hard

    He reached the WC final and put a decent effort. Obviously he isn't a tennis player, but a server who plays tennis. If he had a slightly better ROS, slightly better fitness, slightly better ground game, and actually cared... HE WOULD WIN MULTIPLE SLAMS. Period. Just imagine if he was 10-15%...
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    Will the ATP survive? Could they go under?

    First, I am not saying it is even financially possible for this to happen. I am legitimately asking for those who understand the finances of the ATP. I wonder if this is possible for several reasons: Tour level is abysmal and some slam matches aren't even watchable anymore This juice box Era...
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    Getting dressed : what a catastrophic bore

    It is the worst. I'm over it. Just too complicated and annoying. First have to make sure your outfit is appropriate for the day activities. Make sure it's clean and wrinkle free. Then go find them in your dresser then in the closet. Take the hanger off. Usually your stickey from the shower...
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    Moral victories don't exist. Period.

    So what I am hearing is sinner plays well against a pedestrian djoker. Then djoker ups his game and sinner can no longer play with djoker. Can't even hit rally balls. So what we are saying is, when djoker and Rafa play good, the opponent has zero chance... Final 3 sets: 6-3 6-2 6-2 Nothing...
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    It's official: Masters MUST go back to best of 5

    For finals and maybe even SF. Not only will this up the value of these masters but give these young kids some much needed experience. Yes, the tour is embarrassing and these kids don't have the mental and physical fortitude. But this would possibly help push them in the right direction.
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    How far does Alcaraz go at Wimbledon?

    What round does tiny Carlos make it to?
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    Zverev finally gets his first top 10 win at a slam

    .... By beating tiny Carlos in Straights. Man, the irony. The biggest meme and the biggest meme stat finally gets his first top ten win against the man destined to save tennis.
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    Call me when it is a SLAM (Djoker and Rafa dont care about these masters)

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    From Hype to Propaganda to Truth to Same Old Story: Alcaraz Timeline

    We all have witnessed the propaganda machine with NGBS players for quite some time now. That said, we believe that Alcaraz has knocked that narrative. A masters 1000 at 18 on HC, and now has the clay season coming. Exciting to say the least. It is finally happening... or is it? I like what I...
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    Are we seeing a transition in Era? The pressure ruined the best players

    It seems the most talented players that were hyped up with propaganda have been failing left and right for several years. Maybe they were hyped up too early and the propaganda ruined their developments? Seems it won't be the med, tsits, zverev, berr, and the likes that dominate but the ones...
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    How many slams does Murray take from big 3 if he doesnt get injured in 2016?

    Djoker: WC18 and 19 are likely wins Murray gets against Djoker as Murray is 2-0 vs Djoker at WC. USO18 is likely a slam Murray takes as well. Fed: Maybe AO 18, but highly unlikely. Rafa: Maybe Murray takes one of Rafas 2 USO in 17 and 19. It total, Murray likely gets his needed 3 to be an...
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    Fed only sincere nice guy: He let DelPo get his only slam

    Takes heart. Others should have done the same. Good for Fed. Just sayin.
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    Will Rafa try for number 1 again?

    I mean it's there for him. One last go? Massive gain in AO. Plenty of points to gain at RG and a good run at WC or USO could be huge. Vamos?
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    Love Rafa: But winning AO22 will be a let down for ALL

    I am rooting for Rafa to win it. But, it wont feel right nor will it feel as good as it should. A massive let down it will be if at 20 all, the record is broken by Rafa, while Djoker and Fed are not present while holding 15 of the last 18 and winning the last 7. Djoker the three time defending...