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  1. CHillTennis

    "I know I can be one of the best in the world and win major tournaments" Nick Kyrgios Is Attempting to Rewrite The History Books

    In case you haven't heard the latest news from the Kyrgios camp, Nick recently stated in an interview with ESPN that his time in the sport is more than likely over. The article is here in case you want to read it...
  2. David Le

    Nick Kyrgios’ new frame?

    Saw a video on Twitter I believe of Kyrgios training which looks recent. He was playing with a blacked out racquet which has to be a Yonex. Seemed very squared off at 11 and 1 o’clock but wondering what it might be and by the sudden testing of a new frame
  3. James P

    2022 US Open 4R: [1] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs [23] Nick Kyrgios (AUS)

    Third match this season, 1-1 on the year, 3-1 lead overall by Kyrgios. Blockbuster match, who do you got?
  4. UnderArmServeOP

    Safe to say Nick Kyrgios is a top contender for the US Open ??

    With the level this guy is showing on the tour right now with just weeks away from the US Open, is it safe to say that Nick can potentially be crowned champion in NY ??
  5. Enceladus

    Nick laments that, with the exception of Hewitt, none of the Australian greats have expressed support for him
  6. Enceladus

    2022 Wimbledon Final: You will have to decide, guys!

    Either Nole will win Wimbledon again and equal Pete Sampras with his 7th title from the All England Club, or Kyrgios will become the Wimbledon champion and achieve the success that much better tennis players like Rosewall, Lendl or Roddick have striven for in vain. What is the more acceptable...
  7. D

    2022 Wimbledon Final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios

    [content deleted by user]
  8. James P

    ATP Finals 2022...

    ...this might be the rare year where the #8 player is picked via the major titleists exception. The criteria to qualify for the ATP Finals are as follows: With Djokovic and Kyrgios both potential Wimbledon titleists and possibly outside of the top 8 in the race, it's a possibility.
  9. D

    Who is a bigger threat for Djokovic in the Wimbledon final: Kyrgios or Nadal?

    Of course assuming Djokovic win over Norrie. Grass H2H Djokovic vs Kyrgios 0-0 Grass H2H Djokovic vs Nadal 2-2 2018 Wimbledon SF Djokovic 6-4 3-6 7-6(9) 3-6 10-8 2011 Wimbledon F Djokovic 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3 2008 Queen's Club F Nadal 7-6(6) 7-5 2007 Wimbledon SF Nadal...
  10. D

    2022 Wimbledon SF: Nick Kyrgios vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    H2H Kyrgios 3-6 Nadal Vegas odds (as of 6 July) Sources:
  11. James P

    2022 Miami Masters 4R: [WC] Nick Kyrgios (AUS) vs [9] Jannik Sinner (ITA)

    The first meeting of the two was supposed to be two weeks ago in Indian Wells, but Sinner pulled out due to sickness giving Kyrgios the walk over. Hopefully we see the match we wanted to this time around. Who wins this first match between the two of them?
  12. James P

    Bet you didn't know this stat of the day...

    Matteo Berrettini has the best record at the Slam level of competition of all men born after 1995. Berrettini (30-12, 71.4%) Zverev (58-24, 70.7%) Medvedev (38-18, 67.9%) Khachanov (38-19, 66.7%) Tsitsipas (31-16, 66.0%) Rublev (30-16, 65.2%) Kyrgios (44-27, 62.0%) Shapovalov (23-15, 60.5%) If...
  13. N


    KING KyrGOAT Here's the vid in HD. Not too bad for a COD Warzone pro who happens to play tennis. :cool:
  14. pedro94

    Kyrgios accuses Mexican Open crowd of disrespect Kyrgios: regularly disrespects the crowd, breaks rackets, tanks matches and disrespects tennis in general Crowd: disrespects Kyrgios Kyrgios:
  15. Enceladus

    2020 Mexican Open (Acapulco) - ATP 500

    Defending champion: Nick Kyrgios Former Acapulco champions, who will participating in the 2020 edition: Rafael Nadal (2005, 2013), Grigor Dimitrov (2014) Official website: Wiki-link...
  16. Yugram

    Better Nadal vs Kyrgios match: Wimbledon 2019 or Australian Open 2020?

    Same scoreline, same 2 players. First match on grass, second on slow low-bouncing hard court. Which you liked better? Some stats to compare Wimbledon 2019 Australian Open 2020
  17. Yugram

    2020 Australian Open R4: Rafael Nadal [1] vs Nick Kyrgios [23]

    Here we go. Kyrgios just completed the longest match in his career, and we know that his fitness can be concerning at times. Has he anything left in the tank for the match against the GOAT?
  18. D

    Why did Nick Kyrgios stop wearing the vapor x Kyrie 5?

    I was watching the AO rally for relief match between Federer and Kyrgios, and I noticed he is wearing the standard, not even a PE, version of the vapor x. Thoughts? Also does anyone know where I can get the socks Nick was wearing too?
  19. M

    Who is going to preorder the new Yonex Ezone Racquet? and which one?

    I really like the Ezone 98 in the green colorway. Only downside for me is the stiffer upper hoop. If this racquet fixes that I am all in...
  20. Enceladus

    2020 ATP Cup - General Discussion

    Official website: Schedule: Wiki-link: Date: 3 January - 12 January Edition: 1st Participations: 24 teams Prize money: $15,000,000 Surface: Hard (GreenSet) Location: Sydney, Brisbane and...
  21. D

    Can Nick Kyrgios actually focus and get good?

    As many of us know, Nick Kyrgios is a bit emotional when playing. As talented as I think he is, Could he actually put aside the yelling and focus enough to possibly become a Big 3 player in the next decade? It’s entirely possible when you watch how he plays, except there’s always the chance he...
  22. Enceladus

    Rod Laver - Nick Kyrgios should be suspended

    Laver provided interviewed for Australia's journals Sydney Morning Herald and The Age during US Open 2019. "Whatever they have done hasn't worked so far, so maybe a suspension is the only answer," Laver told The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday. "I'm not sure he's learned anything from any...
  23. Yugram

    Nadal is officially Epic

    I’ve been following Rafael since Roland Garros 2010 and I must say, I have NEVER seen him rising his level so dramatically in just one match, especially on the first week of a Slam. And the fact that it’s grass makes it even more impressive. Just look at some stats from his match against...
  24. pedro94

    Nick at it again.. discuss/disgust...
  25. Enceladus

    2019 ATP Acapulco Final - [2] Alexander Zverev vs. Nick Kyrgios

    ATP H2H and H2H on HC: 3-3 tied Last mutual match: 2018 Miami 4R, Zverev won 6:4, 6:4 The first final clash of this rivalry. Zverev will strive for profit the 11th ATP singles title, Kyrgios about 5th ATP singles triumph.
  26. Enceladus

    2019 ATP Acapulco SF: [3] John Isner vs. Nick Kyrgios

    ATP H2H: 2-2 tied H2H on HC: 2-1 for Kyrgios Last mutual match: 2017 Davis Cup QF, Kyrgios won 7-5, 7-6(5), 7-6(5) Will reach Nick the first final participation since Brisbane 2018, or does Big John stop him?
  27. Boom-Boom

    Another moral victory for Nadal!!!

    After violating tennis rules on every single serve by taking wayyyy too much time, he now does it on the return (although the rules have it the returner has to be ready for the server) ...delays a Kyrgios first serve on match point which whould have been an ace in the third set TB in Acapulco...
  28. Nostradamus

    Biggest Challenger tournament in USA. Dallas challenger starts today with Big names in the draw--Who will win ? Live cam Mackie Macdonald, Souza, Redlicki, Dustin brown, Ryan Harrison and more
  29. R

    Why Nick Kyrgios Career Has Stagnated.

    A video on why I believe Nick’s career has stagnated. Let me know your thoughts on it and if Nick can ever challenge for a grand-slam.
  30. J

    The Curious Case of Nick Kyrgios

    I must say this young man I don’t get. He’s got talent, seems fairly likable, but he I was watching a reply of his latest match in Shanghai not long ago and he’s getting his rear end kicked in the third set. What does he do? Talk to himself and mumble something about Sam Stosur. I...