1. A

    In search of Nike mens Paris Slam 2 in 1 Short 2022

    Hi if any one has a pair of these for sale, would really like to purchase, can’t find these anywhere Thank you!
  2. V

    Tiafoe New Nikes at UTS

    The GP Turbo update
  3. R

    Rafa Nike Tennis Challenger Shirt?

    Anyone know which Rafa top this is please?? Logo is on the sleeve.
  4. T

    Vapor pro 2 bad?

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new here on this platform so I hope this thread is in the right place. I want to talk about the vapor pro 2. What do you guys think about this shoe? I loved the vapor pro 1 and am very sad that you can't buy these anymore. I recently had to buy the vapor pro 2 because...
  5. E

    Nike players using special Court Vapor Pro shoes?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a new pair of tennis shoes, and I've been looking at the Nike Court Vapor Pro, because I mostly play on clay (I am from Argentina) and I need a shoe that has that rubber protection on the inner side, since my shoes always end up getting a hole in this part (see...
  6. Michael7

    Upcoming Tennis Shoes? Nike? Asics?

    Anyone know if there will be any upcoming tennis shoe launches such as a new version of the Nike Vapor Pros or the Asics Court FF3?
  7. eman11

    Tiafoe Shoe Fall 2022

    I'm looking for a clear picture/shot of Tiafoe's new (I'm guessing prototype) shoe he's been wearing since the Atlanta Open, can't find it Help, anyone?
  8. liftordie

    WANTED Nike Vapor Pro in Volt color!!

    Nike, when will you produce the Vapor Pro in full Volt color?? In clay version. Please just do it!!! (y)
  9. J

    Shoes for shin splints

    I have been playing tennis in a pair of running shoes and have been having bed shin splints after playing. I play on hard courts only. My play style varies depending on my opponent. Against weaker opponents I tend to look to serve and volley and attack the net a lot while against better...
  10. eman11

    Tiafoe Ditches the [New] Zoom NXT Tennis Shoes

    Tiafoe, 2022 AO: Tiafoe 2022 IW: baaad news for Nike...
  11. W

    Where can I find this color of the Nike Vapor Cage 4 shoes?

    Hi, I am a fan of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4, and have been wearing them for awhile now. I recently found this white/red/orange color of the Cage 4 model on **** that I absolutely fell in love with. I searched everywhere (, Tennis warehouse, **************, GOAT, etc) to see where I...
  12. liftordie

    What’s that Nike shoe??!

    I want it!!! Mannarino at Delray Beach 2022
  13. AceyMan

    the official 2022 WTA apparel thread

    So, Now that the season has started and we are seeing the new kits for Spring 2022, what stands out, where "stand out" can mean 'looks fine' to 'I wouldn't get a dog toy in that colorway.' My take after just watching a couple of rounds of highlights. Iga's new ASICS dress without any elastic...
  14. D

    Mizuno Wave exceed your 4 vs ASICS solution speed ff 2 vs Nike zoom Vapor pro

    Hi, I have been using ASICS solution speed ff 2 for a while now and it is needing replacement. I was about to buy another pair but thought to look at alternative. What is the difference between the Nike pro, Mizuno and the ASICS as they are all lightweight shoes. And if there is a clear winner...
  15. time410s

    Nike Vapor Cage Thoughts?

    I have mixed feelings on this shoe, as do many. I tried really hard to make it work for me but in the end, I just couldn't do it. I can't help but really appreciate some of the innovations of this shoe but in some ways, I also feel like it was somewhat of a failure. I think the last Cage was...
  16. S

    Nike Vapor Cage 5

    The most recent Vapor Cage 4 has not been anywhere near as well received as the Air Zoom Cage 3. So it would be a safe assumption to say that Nike will phase the cage 4 out quicker than the cage 3. Foot Doctor Zach (Tennis Player, Foot Doctor, Tennis gear reviewer) posted a video citing a good...
  17. Ryebread

    My review (s) of basketball shoes sneakers for tennis !

    I have been using basketball sneakers for tennis for the past year. I have two main types that I have found to be very durable. Here is my favorite and review #1 (more will follow in coming weeks) NIKE JORDAN ZION 1 it's just below a 3/4 height, so it does not look out of place on a tennis...

    Nike GP Turbo hard court outsole on clay?

    Hi guys, do you think the outsoles of these Nike Air Zoom GP Turbos will work on red, European clay? Last clay season, I ordered Nike Air Zoom Vapor X shoes in the clay version but by accident received the allcourt/hardcourt outsole version. I decided to just go with it and to my surprise, I...
  19. eman11

    New Rafa Shorts 2021?

    I have been wanting to post this for a while... are these Rafa's new shorts coming up for either the second half of 2021 or maybe even 2022? I know he has often trained in an upcoming shirt/shorts months before their release... is this maybe one of this kind of circumstance? Or is this a...
  20. eman11

    New Kygios Shoes 2021 (Pre Aussie Open)

    I'm sure most have already seen this...
  21. N01E

    RF logo is back

  22. barkyllo

    Need a new racquet (Babolat pure aero alternatives)

    Hi everyone! I had been using babolat pure aero racquets and I had really liked them. But I need new racquets and I want one that feels similar to the pure aero.
  23. M

    Nike Zoom Zero (ZZ) VS Nike Vapor Cage 4

    What are you experiences with these shoes and which do you prefer? I love the cushion of both just not sure which one to stick with....
  24. D

    Does Nike do re-issues of classic tennis shoes?

    Hi all, I was looking at some classic air court ballistics and the beautiful air max cage, and I was wondering will Nike ever do re-issues of classic tennis shoes? Similar to the Kobe(Rest in Peace) protro line where they take an old shoe and they keep it relatively the same with slight...
  25. D

    Any word of a vapor update?

    Anybody have info of a vapor update? It's starting to look like a grandpa shoe at my local club...
  26. D

    Hey, so I had a thought about the vapor line...

    I'm worried that the we will be stuck with the vapor x for, well, a long time. With Federer leaving for Uniqlo, I'm worried that Nike won't allow Roger to update the vapor x, and possibly just any Nike ambassador. Me personally, I think the vapor line can still be improved. Thoughts?
  27. D

    Need help deciding Gel res 7 vs Zoom Zero.

    After sliding out a little too far in my current pair of 3 months (cage 3), I’ve decided I need a shoe with good if not great traction and durability. I like nice cushioning, so which is better: gel res 7 or zoom zero for traction and how is the gel res cushioning?
  28. D

    Does anybody else have their Cage 3’s bleed onto their socks?

    I’m having such an issue with my cage 3’s bleeding yellow or green onto my socks. Anybody else have this problem?
  29. D

    Nike Air Max Wildcard thoughts?

    General thoughts on the Air Max Wildcard? Looks like a nice budget shoe, only worn it a few times but I want to know everybody’s thoughts on it.
  30. NRMM

    Best traction

    Guys which Nike Clay tennis shoes offers in your view the best traction ? I mean with the most agressive herringbone sole? I’m planning to give them a try on AstroTurf as I’m sick and tired of trying to find a Nike Omni or grass pair of tennis shoes - thanks!!!