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  1. Lleytonstation

    Would Fed had played USO?

    Assuming Fed was not injured. Would he have played at the USO or would he have skipped it. Fed is very lucky to an extent that he does not have to deal with PR nightmare this can become. Watching Fed so far during this pandemic, he does not give you much about how he feels about it. Seems like...
  2. Lleytonstation

    Time for a petition: I am not no farm animal

    I am calling all TTW fellow believers. As you obviously all know (you should be checking my activity daily), I am approaching a massive milestone in my life... I am soon to reach TTW level of "G.O.A.T" as I am about 40 posts away. I have strived to be the best I can be. It was not easy. I...
  3. Lleytonstation

    USO will NOT work

    About every tourney has had someone if not multiple people get C19. These are with small draws and not nearly the amount of people involved. When a player gets C19 they will have to withdrawal regardless of what round they are in. It is not even a matter of if, but how many? At what point does...
  4. Lleytonstation

    Djoker must make a statement now!

    We get it, we all have parents or people we love that say things we don't agree with. It happens, but as a public figure, unfortunately, you sometimes have to address it. In this case, what Djokers father has said about Dimi needs to addressed publicly. This is a massive slight to Dimi in...
  5. Lleytonstation

    USO at Indian Wells?

    I think the USO will announce on Monday that they are playing, but if they can't... We all know USO could be held at Indian Wells facility in November, and they could use the financial boost as well. Is this something that would be logistically or financially plausible? Would you rather they...
  6. Lleytonstation

    Tour Reset: Why not now?

    I assume USO and FO will take place, but if it does not, wouldn't this be a great time to revamp some thing on the tour? Such as schedules and tournament, and surfaces? Would you be up for "resetting the Tour" and starting fresh in January? (Assuming USO and FO don't take place)
  7. Lleytonstation

    Liberating feeling going into August

    Does anybody get the feeling that when the tour starts up again by essentially going straight in to two slams in a month, that it is a liberating feeling? I know many don't think they will be played, but I do, and I think it will be essentially full participation. While many think it will be...
  8. Lleytonstation

    Save us Thiem... save us

    It is time Thiem becomes the saviour we all have wanted. It is his time. For Rafa fans: Yes it could be scary if Thiem has confidence going into the FO, but Rafa is still Rafa at the French. That being said, it stops djoker from getting within 2 of Rafa. It also gives someone Djoker has to be...
  9. Lleytonstation

    It is Zverev's year

    Zverev has shown his talents... and his weakness. He has had his ups and his downs. He was young, now he is at the age where it is time to show what he really is. The more I think about it, and the more I watched his matches at the end of the year, I feel like he is a mental game away from...