1. A

    Gut crosses notching super early in Poly/Gut hybrid

    Hi, I tried both a gut/poly and poly/gut hybrid for the first time, and after a few weeks, i preferred the characteristics of the poly mains, however there was insane notching after just a few hours. The poly was basically drilled far into the gut, and really decreased the spin potential. On...
  2. A

    Notching way above sweetspot

    Hi, I usually track how notched my strings are to know what I should expect on the court. I’ve noticed that they are somehow similarly notched closer to the top of the racquet and by the sweetspot. There’s also very little notching below the sweetspot, relatively speaking, which is good. I...
  3. Brando

    Can Notching Be Good?

    If you’re an intermediate player who doesn’t replace strings like some pro, you should probably string a racquet not for the first 4 hours of play but for the many after that, after the string bed’s stiffness (SBS) has settled. So I string my TFight 300 with a full bed of OG Sheep Micro (OGSM)...
  4. R

    Is there poly that doesnt notch?

    With the Wilson Clash i experience fast notching of even 1.27 gauge poly in already 2 sessions. So would there be a moderately priced poly that does not notch so fast because that greatly reduces its spin potential?
  5. R

    Will a multi and poly hybrid always notch quickly?

    I did NRG2 in the mains and Gosen polylon crosses just to try it (it sucked). The NRG2 notched immediately. Is it because of how soft it is? Will all multis do this? What if I’d put the multi as the cross instead? I see what people mean by a locked up string bed now. (I assume this is bad)
  6. liftordie

    Soft poly main with stiff poly cross = better spin and control

    Could I get better spin and control with hybriding a relatively soft poly main with a stiff poly cross? To prevent denting/notching of the cross, and then increasing the snapback. Would the softer poly main be able to notch and slide on the stiff cross? As a gut/poly setup? Thanks for your...