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  1. AnOctorokForDinner

    Which of Federer, Murray and Wawrinka had the greater 2015 season?

    Murray had the most points because he was the most consistent, and won two masters titles beating Djokovic once, but 'only' one slam final where he melted halfway and posted 1-2 RR loss at the YEC. Federer had slightly fewer points, and won one masters title though beating Djokoray made it...
  2. AnOctorokForDinner

    Fun take: 2007 Nadal was better than 2011 Nadal on all surfaces when healthy

    Clay: 2007 Nadal: super dominant, routined everyone but the toughest opponents. Dominated MC and Barcelona, bested supercharged Davydenko in epic Rome SF, one loss in Hamburg final when he was fairly tired and Federer was zoning like mad, but responded with a brilliant RG capped off with a...