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  1. threehandedbackhand

    Has Medvedev USO win decreased the historical importance of Zverev Tokyo OGM?

    Zverev has been The Mighty One for a few weeks. Now it's different. Medvedev is hailed as The Man Who Stopped Djokovic. Did Medvedev spoil Zverev party? What do you think?
  2. J

    How Daniil Medvedev beat Novak Djokovic at the 2021 US Open

    Daniil Medvedev wins the US Open Here's an analysis of Medvedev's denial of Novak Djokovic's Calendar Slam bid in the US Open final including a dive into how their previous meetings primed them for this match.
  3. James P

    Poll: Who had it worse?

    All three of the Big 3 have had their crack at #21. Federer first in 2019 at Wimbledon. Infamous 40-15. Nadal had the next crack in 2021 at RG. Four set beatdown at a place he owns. Novak got his chance in 2021 at the USO. Straight setted in a match that would have also given him a Grand Slam.
  4. threehandedbackhand

    Let's imagine Djokovic in 2021 US Open Final with no CYGS on the cards. How would it have ended?

    Some people say a huge pressure put on Djokovic was a deciding factor. What do you think?
  5. threehandedbackhand

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    Djokovic is just one match away from the CYGS. Third Grand Slam final for Medvedev (after USO 19 and AO 21), still seeking for his maiden GS title. H2H Djokovic 5-3 Medvedev Road to the QF Vegas odds (as of 11 September) Sources: What do you...
  6. threehandedbackhand

    Exactly 10 years ago Federer was publicly struggling to accept Djokovic defeat. How do you see it now?

    Time flies. Video recording:
  7. threehandedbackhand

    2021 US Open QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Matteo Berrettini

    H2H Djokovic 3-0 Berrettini Road to The QF Vegas odds (as of 7 September) Sources: Any predictions?
  8. threehandedbackhand

    2021 US Open R64: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Tallon Griekspoor

    Can Griekspoor win it? Will The Dutch be enough clutch? H2H Djokovic 0-0 Griekspoor Vegas odds (as of 1 September) Sources: Feel free to share your predictions!
  9. threehandedbackhand

    2021 US Open R128: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Holger Rune

    Holger Rune was born in 2003. Djokovic turned tennis pro in 2003. It's a huge age difference. Is Rune able to stop Djokovic CYGS run? H2H Djokovic 0-0 Rune Vegas odds (as of 30 August) Sources: Feel free to share your predictions!
  10. Enceladus

    2021 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    The mission for CYGS will begin in a few days! Novak Djokovic, winner of the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon this year, is striving to reach a spectacular milestone, last seen in men's tennis in 1969. Will Djoker be able to imitate the legendary Rod Laver? Or will someone stop him...
  11. James P

    Poll: Who makes the upcoming USO SFs?

    Whom, in your estimation, of the following 4 players make the SFs in this year's USO? Djokovic, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and Zverev?
  12. Fedeonic

    Tennis TV commemorates Cincinnati 2009 tournament

    Tennis TV has clearly upped its game in publishing a lot of highlights and best-of videos. Today is the turn for the M1000 Cincinnati 2009 which in its time was called The Real Slam, due to the presence of the Big 4 in the semifinals of the tournament. To be honest, I only remembered the SF...
  13. threehandedbackhand

    Novak Djokovic has played 35 tennis matches over 82 consecutive days in 2021

    Including 14 Grand Slam matches. Grand total: 73 hours and 56 minutes on court between 11 May and 31 July. Source: my own calculations
  14. J

    Kei Nishikori: Player Analysis

    Hope you're all enjoying tennis at the Olympics so far! I've written an overview of the home nation's hero, Kei Nishikori, covering his journey to the Olympics, his matches so far and his chances against Novak Djokovic on Thursday. Enjoy :)
  15. threehandedbackhand

    Olympics 2020 Tokyo R16: [1] Novak Djokovic SRB vs [16] Alejandro Davidovich Fokina ESP

    So, who will get into the quarters? Djokovic? Or rather Davidovich? H2H Djokovic 1-0 Davidovich Fokina Vegas odds (as of 26 July) Sources: Feel free to share your predictions!
  16. threehandedbackhand

    Olympics 2020 Tokyo R64: [1] Novak Djokovic SRB vs Hugo Dellien BOL

    We know the Olympics can be considered as a Mickey Mouse tournament. Only 29 players out of ATP top64 are participating. But for Djokovic an olympic gold is very important in his chase for 2021 Golden CYGS. So here we are. 1st round 2021/07/24 H2H Djokovic 0-0 Dellien Bookies see almost...
  17. Enceladus

    Zverev: I see I have a chance to beat Djokovic at Olympics

    Link: Translation:
  18. Tenacity

    Novak Djokovic to date

    Crazy numbers and what he has achieved. #epic Especially this part - "He is the only player to win all of the Big Titles on the modern ATP Tour - which consists of the four Grand Slams, all nine ATP Masters events, and the ATP Finals."
  19. Fedeonic

    At least 6 titles in 2 Grand Slams

    With Djokovic's 6th win on Wimbledon 2021, he became only the second male player to with at least 6 titles in two different Grand Slams, sharing that record with Roger Federer. Below is the breakdown: -Djokovic's Aus Open titles (9): 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021...
  20. threehandedbackhand

    Who was relatively closest to eliminating Djokovic during 2021 Wimbledon?

    I know it seems a bit pointless in this edition of Wimbledon, but want to make it as before to sum it up after the season end. Who was relatively closest to eliminating Djokovic during 2021 AO? Who was relatively closest to eliminating Djokovic during 2021 RG?
  21. threehandedbackhand

    Djokovic In Chase For 2021 Super Slam - Official Watch Thread

    I know this is long shot and there are threads about Novak Djokovic's CYGS, but this year his achievement could be even two levels higher. Calendar Year Grand Slam + Olympic Gold + YEC = Super Slam Without doubt this is the most difficult GS-related trophy to achieve in a single calendar year...
  22. Fedeonic

    The third leg of the Grand Slam

    Novak Djokovic is in the same position that Rod Laver and Björn Borg were before. Just one match away from completing the third leg of the Calendar Grand Slam. Let's see how both fared when playing the final match of the Grand Slam third leg of the potential CYGS: -Rod Laver: Wimbledon 1969 - d...
  23. threehandedbackhand

    2021 Wimbledon Final: [1] Novak Djokovic SRB vs [7] Matteo Berrettini ITA

    Is this tournament Djokovic Open? Or rather Berrettini Open? 20th Grand Slam title for The Serb? Or maiden one for The Italian? Let them decide! H2H Djokovic 2-0 Berrettini Road to The Final Vegas Odds (as of evening July 9) Sources:
  24. FlaredButt

    Symbol on Djokovic’s team apparel

    I have tried Google reverse image search with no luck… what is that yellow and black “X” symbol that Djokovic’s team has pinned to their hats and shirts? sorry if it’s a silly question, it’s just driving me a little nuts being unable to find it anywhere
  25. threehandedbackhand

    2021 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Marton Fucsovics

    Not Rublev, it's Fucsovics to face Djokovic after epic R16 win over the Russian. First ever Serbian-Hungarian Wimbledon quarterfinal to come. H2H (#1) Djokovic 2-0 Fucsovics (#48)
  26. threehandedbackhand

    2021 Wimbledon R2: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Kevin Anderson [109]

    Last big match between them: 2018 Wimbledon Final H2H: Djokovic 9-2 Anderson
  27. Enceladus

    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    Defending champion: Novak Djokovic (5-time Wimbledon winner (2011, 2014-15, 2018-19)) Past Wimbledon champions, who will participating in the 2021 edition: Roger Federer (2003-07, 2009, 2012, 2017), Andy Murray (2013, 2016) Official website: Link to draw...
  28. threehandedbackhand

    Is Djokovic an indirect beneficiary of 2020 US Open final outcome?

    It is hard to deny that Zverev has helped Djokovic to dominate in 2021. Basically that famous ultrachoke in 2020 USO final was a blessing for Djokovic. Since then Thiem is in a downward spiral. He is no longer a real threat in ATP badly lacking a motivation. Zverev defeating Thiem at 2020...
  29. Vanilla Slice

    The second men’s winner from RG2021 …

    Djokovic won and it was in another monumental fashion. Man is or is nearly sure to be the goat of tennis. But Djokovic winning also meant another player highly benefited: Stan Wawrinka. The Djokovic goat narrative elevates Stan to an even higher status in his ability to take it to him on hard...