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  1. HetTheGreaterer

    Strategical Thiem mistakes in the loss to Djokovic

    First of all, I'd like to tell every reader that it's a serious thread and I am not willing to thrash either player. Congratulations to djokovic for being extremely clutch in both TieBreak sets. Let's have a look at the strategical mistakes by thiem... 1) using racquet head speed to generate...
  2. Enceladus

    2019 ATP Madrid SF: (1.) Ultron vs. (5.) Thieminator

    ATP H2H: 5-2 for Ultron H2H on the clay: 2-2 tied Masters H2H: 3-1 for Ultron Confrontation of two players who have the highest number of wins over Nadal on clay - Novak 7, Dominic 4.
  3. Enceladus

    2019 Madrid Open QF - (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (9.) Marin Cilic

    ATP H2H: 17-2 for Djoker Masters H2H: 6-1 for Djoker H2H on the clay: 2-0 for Djoker Jubilee 20th mutual match rivalry of two tennis players, who originating from countries the former Yugoslavia.
  4. Enceladus

    2019 Monte Carlo QF - Novak Djokovic vs. Daniil Medvedev

    ATP H2H: 3-0 for Djoker Their second meeting this year, the first was at AO, where Medvedev gave the future winner the toughest resistance. For the first time in his career, Medvedev won three clay matches in a row, will his series continue, or for the first time since 2015 (won event), Djoker...
  5. Enceladus

    2019 ATP Miami 4R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [22] Roberto Bautista Agut

    ATP H2H: 7-2 for Djoker H2H on hard surface: 3-2 for Djoker Masters 1000 H2H: 2-1 for Djoker Last mutual match: 2019 Doha SF, Bautista won 3:6, 7:6(6), 6:4 It will be the jubilee 10th mutual match of this rivalry. A little surprising may be the fact, that Bautista won the last two mutual...
  6. Enceladus

    2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    2018 winner: Juan Martin del Potro (will doesn't defend the title due to knee problems) Former champions, who are participating in this year's edition: Novak Djokovic (2008, 2011, 2014-16), Roger Federer (2004-06, 2012, 2017), Rafael Nadal (2007, 2009, 2013) Date: March 4 – 17 Edition: 44th...
  7. Parrino

    Novak playing the piano like a pro !

    I just can't believe what i hear and see here : PS I hope those with a grain of humor play along :)
  8. NKDM

    The Perfect Player - Novak Djokovic

    This is for you Novak Djokovic fans after No.15 I'd read the article first in 2007. Tennis-dot-com reprinted the article in 2011 during Novak's tremendous season. Fitting then to revisit this after his 15th slam. (For those who may not have read Bodo a lot, back in the day he had a...
  9. RaulRamirez

    Djokovic was absolutely masterful today (an appreciation)!

    At the risk of being Captain Obvious, Novak Djokovic was absolutely masterful today, defeating Rafael Nadal (another all-time great and his own greatest rival) 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 to win his record 7th Australian Open title and 15th overall slam. It was also the third time in his career that he has...
  10. NKDM

    There should be no excuse for Novak...

    .. to NOT win this AO or the 3 slams after it. In all this news about Murray retiring, and old man Fed winning his first round (yay), no one is mentioning the big White Elephant in the room - Novak Djokovic. I mean c'mon, what's his best challenge now - a 37 yr old Fed? physically iffy Nadal...
  11. D

    PNN - Player News Network

    BELGRADE PRESS Undisclosed sources warn of an imminent change to Novak Djokovic’s backhand technique for the upcoming 2019 season. “He’s been working out the kinks,” says one source within the Djokovic camp, “it’s for the long term benefit and you know, Roger.” When pressed what the person...
  12. David Le

    FS: Uniqlo Tennis Shirt

    Apparel Item Description (Brand) Uniqlo Tennis Shirt Quantity: 1 Size: XS Condition (x out of 10): 9.0/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Multiple times *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): None. Had this one for years but it doesn’t...
  13. Fedeonic

    Finally Djokovic is converting Grand Slam 2nd weeks into titles

    The way that Djokovic ascended to an All Time Great to arguably the 2nd GOAT from Wimbledon 2014 is resumed in the way that Nole is now converting his consistency in reaching the 2nd week of the Grand Slams into much more titles. Let's look at these stats: From Roland Garros 2006 to Roland...
  14. kalyan4fedever

    Federer will beat Novak this time

    Fed has enough crucial match losses to djokovic already mental or not, about time Federer does not and will not become a stepping stone for djokovic once again in this USO 2018 and will defeat Novak with a plan 'if they meet'
  15. HetTheGreaterer

    Amazing....this is just fking amazing...

    Stan and djok playing doubles at queens club tennis championship...... Wow... Can stan get back into form now ?? (Having djok on ground) :D:D Do someone know why they are playing??
  16. Fedeonic

    A "freak" stat from Federer

    Federer reached 6 times the summit of the Rankings, in the week before, he won a tournament 5 times before reaching the World N°1: 1) 2/2/04: Won Aus Open the week before. 2) 6/7/09: Won Wimbledon the week before. 3) 9/7/12: Won Wimbledon the week before. 4) 19/2/18: Won Rotterdam the week...
  17. HetTheGreaterer

    Can ATP and ITF stop constant slowing down of surfaces?

    Almost every single big tournament, including Slams, Masters, WTF, some 500s are consistantly being slowed down every year at the rate of around 2.5 to 3.5 CPI per year. Even the clay courts are being slowed down (wtf!!??) And also, I am not going to roll back years in 90s and early 2000s(best...
  18. HetTheGreaterer

    Rome masters 2018 R2 :- Novak Djokovic [11] vs N. Basilashvili

    Finally, can djokovic string 2 back to back wins almost after a month? Easily or hardly?? Or 1 more mug upset to come (I hope this doesn't happen). Fair Discussion please.
  19. HetTheGreaterer

    Novak, stop grinding atleast now.

    This man is recovering from an elbow injury This man's body looks like a skeleton His physical powers are a shadow of his past Still keeping on grinding like he is in 20s.... oh come on man, you're 31 almost, lost more than half the power and a quarter of muscles and 1/8th of court coverage...
  20. HetTheGreaterer

    As I told..thiem avenged his humiliation

    This malnourished djoker can't win vs hard hitters like he used to. His shots are slower and less penetrable and still no try for winners.... Yes he is not that skeleton he looked in miami but still needs to gain muscles... Otherwise Thiem and other big hitters will humiliate him. It was thiem...
  21. HetTheGreaterer

    Djoker splits with Andre Agassi....Was it bound to happen?

    I think agassi didn't do anything for Novak.. Things actually went worse than what they were even in early 2017..... Agassi is maybe a bad coach Discuss my friends
  22. MS_07


    As chokovic is officially outta race, Can Bafa Nada make it a 100 titles? IMO, If he wins 3-4 clay and 1-2 outside it , and more USO_2017 like epic draws, he has serious chance of making it. He's ~32 I believe he has 4-5 years left in him ..
  23. MS_07

    CHUNG winning A0 2O18

    fedr grandpa has a history of losing first 1-2 matches against new talented starts before he figures them out. it can be a tough SF though. unlike zverev chung has winner mentality for 5 setters. so he will go the distance if grandpa played well. cilic/edmond are not a big issue if you have...
  24. TheMaestro1990

    No other player more complete than Federer

    During Djokovic's peak many said that he is the most complete player ever. But he is far from good at the net and his overheads wouldn't scare anyone on the future tour to be honest. The most complete player is Federer when playing at his best. Agree?
  25. Backspin1183

    Who else thinks the ATP Facebook page is over posting about Federer and Nadal?

    I am a fan of Nadal and Roger's my (distant) second favourite player. It's nice to read about them. But, surely tennis isn't just about them. I am getting a bit fed up of constant Fedal posts on the ATP Facebook page like other players aren't worth talking about. 'Look what Roger Federer did...
  26. 3lite

    2011 Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player of all time.

    His form in 2011 is the highest/purest form of tennis the human eye has ever witnessed. No player in the history of the game is touching Novak in 2011. Peak Federer? Nope. Remember, Federer was only 29 in 2011. Peak Nadal? Nadal's peak was 2010-2011. Peak Sampras? Come on now.
  27. MS_07

    Why world is so cruel to rafa nadal ?

    World gave him a fair chance at USO. He won it without facing any top 25 player. But now look at China - 500 draw ... R 32 - lucas poille (#23) R 16 - khachanov (#32) QF - isner (#17) SF - dimitrov (#8) / jmdp (#24) / RBA (#13) F - Nick (#20) / m zverev (#26) / PCB (#10) / berdie...
  28. MS_07

    Rafa Joker and "weak era"

    Let's assume that any 2 of Nishikori (clay + HC) / Milos (HC + grass) / Dimitrov (HC + grass) / Thiem (clay + HC) are as talented as Rafa / Joker and they start winning slams when they're anywhere between 19-22. Then how many lesser slams Rafa/ joker might end up with ? By the age of 25 joker...
  29. Fedeonic

    Third best season ever for Djokovic?

    Ok, we can debate forever if Djokovic 2011 or Djokovic 2015 was the his best season, but what about his third? To put things in perspective, I only chose his Slam winning seasons, here are the season records: 2008: Aus Open W, 2 GS SF, 2 M1000s W, 1 M1000 F, YEC, Olympics bronze. 64-17 W/L and...
  30. rjms


    after seeing so maaaaaany threads and posts about nadal and federer this year of 2017 i have some how came to believe djokocic is going to come back hard and better than ever and destroy the field completely and Rule 2018 with 3 or more Grand Slams , along with 5+ atp 1000s masters2018 is...