1. Pspielha

    Not an NTRP Tournament?

    This was taken from the page of a local tournament. So will the matches played in this tournament count towards year end ratings or not? “NTRP National Championship Eligibility: This tournament is a USTA Missouri Valley Section L4 (Level 4) event. However, this is not an NTRP tournament...
  2. F

    ITF World Tennis Number to NTRP Rating Conversion

    Are there general guidelines for what part of the range of the 1-40 ITF World Tennis Rating would fall into the different NTRP levels in most cases. For example would a 3.0 player generally have a 32-40 ITF, a 3.5 at 18-31, 4.0 at 13-17 etc? I’m also curious how big the ITF point spread...
  3. T

    What winning percentage is expected at level before playing up?

    I'm a 3.5S, and I've won 8 out of 9 matches at the 3.5 level. I'm rather bored at my current level and would like to play up immediately. But, year-end ratings aren't released until December. What winning percentage is generally expected at level for a player to reasonably request to join a...
  4. MAF

    Pickle ballers self rate

    I'll make this short, since everyone here knows the debacle of NTRP self rating> This is in a USTA mixed flex league. Played a guy with 10 years of competitive pickle ball. Has not dropped a set in USTA league play, best record in league play, etc etc. He self rated 3.0 and is light years...
  5. T

    Can I rate myself at 4.0?

    I'd like to rate myself in the USTA adult ratings even though I'm 16, just to get a feel for how much I'd need to improve to be competitive in a college setting. Here are some traits I have: - First Serve generally forces errors or gives a weak return - Second Serve is a slow, yet inconsistent...
  6. Znak

    My FFT rating vs NTRP

    When I was living in Canada I was regularly playing in 4.0 tournaments. I've spent the past two years in France, their scale is much more detailed (and the all around average player is on a better level) — I've moved up all the way up to a 30/2. But when I check on the conversion chart, it says...
  7. pdizzy

    My 3.5 Tennis Gameplay

    Will be using this thread to give updates on my tennis game evolution and hopefully show improvements from the advice received thus far. Feel free to comment with any feedback you might have here or on Youtube!
  8. M

    Head Graphene Youtek Speed REV vs Tecnifibre T.Flash 265 Dynacore

    What would you suggest me between Head Graphene Youtek Speed REV and Tecnifibre T.Flash 265 Dynacore. http://www.tennis.com/gear/2013/02/racquet-review-head-youtek-graphene-speed-rev/46500/ http://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/descpageRCTECNIH-FL265D.html Tecnifibre (grip 1 - 3) would be...
  9. amlemus

    Starting out: what level to compete at?

    I haven't played any kind of official match against anyone with an NTRP, so when my local summer league asks me what my rating is, do I just default to 2.5 even though I feel like I'm higher than that? I realize this might be a dumb question, but gauging what my level is seems to be elusive...