number 1

  1. GabeT

    Nole at number 1

    So Djokovic is getting closer to returning to the top spot in the ATP rankings. But if he does, how many more weeks can he add to his overall tally? He is now fifth in the Open Era in time at number 1 with 223 weeks. Where will he end when all is said and done? Current tally Federer 310...
  2. Fedeonic

    A "freak" stat from Federer

    Federer reached 6 times the summit of the Rankings, in the week before, he won a tournament 5 times before reaching the World N°1: 1) 2/2/04: Won Aus Open the week before. 2) 6/7/09: Won Wimbledon the week before. 3) 9/7/12: Won Wimbledon the week before. 4) 19/2/18: Won Rotterdam the week...
  3. Sum Buddy Ells

    On Monday, make it a point... incorporate these in your meals for the day: Why?