1. threehandedbackhand

    Odds To Win Men's US Open 2022

    The tournament starts in 7 weeks. Still a long shot, there's some uncertainty about an entry rules, but let's make a record:
  2. threehandedbackhand

    Odds To Win Men's Wimbledon 2022

    32 days before the final it looks like a Djokovic vs The Rest Of The World battle with 50/50 chances.
  3. James P

    Newest French Open Odds

    Figured it was time to revisit after the second Masters title, first on clay, of Carlitos' season. He's now the #1 contender, up to +200 just behind Nadal's +137. Notable that Nadal isn't in the negative odds like he used to routinely be at RG.
  4. RaulRamirez

    Odds of Djokovic (now) winning the CYGS is ...

    My understanding of statistics is limited, but let's look at this way. My personal opinion of whether I'm rooting for Novak to complete it or not (which would be the first since Laver in '69 - the first full year of the Open Era) is irrelevant. Djokovic has already, of course won the AO and RG...
  5. GabeT

    If Peque wins today

    Does it change his RG odds at all? Would he become the new favorite after beating Nadal and Djokovic in clay? Or it doesn’t change anything? Or something in between?