one-handed backhand

  1. BorisBecker1872

    Volkl V1 Classic for one-handed backhand

    Hello, Play testing now and love Volkl's V1 Classic. Dubbed "the original 'tweener" this frame is 102 square inches and weighs in at 285 grams with a balance of 325 mm. I like it a lot but have reservations of it's large head size for my one-handed backhand. Any thoughts and can...
  2. DeeeFoo

    One-handed backhand: index finger on strings?

    I'm still trying to learn the one-handed backhand, and watching videos of pro 1hbh players is something I like doing. I've noticed that some pro players rest the index finger of their non-dominant hand on the strings when preparing to hit a backhand. Whereas others just keep all their fingers on...
  3. DeeeFoo

    1HBH takeback/backswing: Straight arm or bent arm?

    It's been about 3 months since I dedicated myself to learning the 1hbh, and I'm still a bit undecided at this fork in the road. On the takeback or backswing, would it be better to keep the arm straight from the beginning? Or have it a little bent, and straighten it out before contact? Obviously...
  4. T

    Nadal's worst nightmare? One-hander on natural surfaces

    and the more natural one, the worse for Nadal... There is common view that one-handers are somehow handicaped when playing Rafa (because of his FH) and that this handicap is even greater on clay. What is the true? One-handers in general have just a little better winning percentage against...
  5. Kylo Reed

    Could Wawrinka Shorten His Take-back?

    First and foremost, I am a huge admirer of Wawrinka's one-handed backhand. If his ability on his backhand side does not astonish you enough yet, look no further than: However, I am also an avid student of the game who is always looking for knowledge to improve my game. So, I would love to...