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  1. thomas daniels

    "If You You Want To Beat Better Tennis Players, Try This."

    Are you tired of losing matches to better players? If so, please keep reading. Because, The reality you are facing is this. If you want to move up in the ranking at your club or in your league or team. You are going to have to learn how to beat the better players at some point, so why not...
  2. thomas daniels

    "How To Reach Your Tennis Goals Faster".

    As a competitve tennis player. You have to have your tennis goals written down and you have to focus on working on them daily. But here is the catch... less is more!! The more you focus on your daily goals, the faster you will reach your ultimate goal. Which should be to reach your full...
  3. thomas daniels

    "3 Tennis Tips to Fix Your One-Handed Backhand."

    The one handed backhand is a stroke that many adults and juniors struggle with... And there are 3 common mistakes that they are making to cause them to struggle with executing this shot. So, in this post. You are going to learn how to fix your backhand in weeks. First tip. Get your grip...
  4. thomas daniels

    How To Learn From Watching Yourself Play!

    They say the eyes never lie and it's true. You can learn tennis and develop your matchplay game faster by watching yourself play on video. And this is how you can do it... Set up the camera and video tape your strokes and your practice matches. Then after that, get your tennis journal and...