open pattern

  1. Pitti

    Can you help me search for an open pattern racquet?

    Hi. From now on, and probably until Christmas, I'm in the search of an open pattern racquet. I've always used closed 18x20 pattern racquets (currently an Ultra Tour), but I've found that I must be very precise in my timing and in my footwork to make them work, and also I must swing with all of...
  2. Red001

    18x16 pattern - poly string start moving in few hours

    I got a new racquet Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS and noticed poly strings (51 lbs) start to move in 18x16 pattern racquet in few hours. It is much quicker comparing to my regular racquet with 16x19 pattern. I was wondering if this is well known effect for 18x16 racquets. What would you recommend to...
  3. ByakuFubuki

    Le Coq Sportif Tp 35

    Just came across one in the loft and wondered about its Specs. I couldn't find much, and using the Search Function here brought no result. Does anyone know about them? HeadSize: ?? (seems in the 95-98 range) Length: Pretty sure it's a standard 27 inches Weight: ~346g (Strung, Grip is almost...