1. kairos

    Red-colored poly string most similar to Solinco Hyper-G 1.20

    For a while, I have played with several poly strings replacing them more frequently than necessary. Briefly describing my journey with one-line comments: Luxilon ALU power 1.25: Probably best string either for professional or someone rich. ALU Power 1.25 Rough: Similar impression with ALU, but...
  2. Moosch

    Does String Color Play A Difference In Cyclone?

    Most gauges for Cyclone have the option of black, orange, and yellow (Looks like 18g is the only one with pink). Has anyone tested out multiple string colors and noticed any difference in playability? Is control affected? Any difference in spin? Play duration? Also, are there any other big...
  3. Babolix

    Tecnifibre Black Code Fire / Lemon

    Is there one guy that tested the new Black Code Fire or Lime ? I heard the Fire would be like the Volkl orange Cyclone (that I prefer to the black one) and the lime like a Revolve spin green. Some reviews would be welcome !
  4. TripleATeam

    Miomir Kecmanovic

    The 2x Orange Bowl winner has won the ITF Sunrise pro series event. This is a very good sign for anyone who wants him to succeed on the pro circuit. During the event, he lost just one set- in the R16 against J. Pia Malfieto. All the others he won in straights with scorelines of 6-2, 6-1, or 6-3...