1. DeeeFoo

    Which tacky grip is the most absorbent?

    So I usually use Tourna Grip during hotter months because my hands sweat, but I will use a tacky overgrip during colder months because I like how they feel. My hands still sweat during colder months, but not enough to the point where Tourna Grip is required. But still kinda sweaty. Are there any...
  2. A

    Getting back into tennis, changing grips, overgrips, grommets. Advice needed

    Hello folks, I decided to dust off the gear and have some questions. My 2 rackets have only had 2 overgrip changes in 6 years :o shocking, but big breaks occurred in my tennis . I have started by removing the overgrips, they were there for more than 2 or 3 years but granted I did not play much...
  3. time410s

    Something better than Tourna Grip?

    I use Volkl V-Dry and find it to offer what tourna does but in a much more premium package and maybe 5x the durability. Easier to install. Does anyone else swear by this stuff? I would love to know what your favorite dry grip is if you use them regularly. Tell me a bit about your climate too...
  4. BorisBecker1872

    Tacky Towels, Gorilla Grips, Tac Rags

    Any thoughts to these products that add tack to your grips. I find they add too much tack and are thus ineffective. Like the result is your grip is tackier than Unique's MegaTac. You can barely change grips after applying. But I'm curious if anyone else was satisfied with the products or...
  5. frinton

    Similar feel to Wilson Pro Overgrip, but a bit thicker?

    Hello experts.. is there a overgrip outthere, that is similar in feel and performance to the Wilson Pro, but a bit thicker? Many thanks.
  6. liftordie

    Thickest overgrip in 2020?

    ...and longest if possible!
  7. K

    New Tennis reviews website

    Hi everyone I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this so please let me know if there’s a more appropriate section. So I’m considering making a tennis equipment reviews web app. I would like to get some feedback to see if this is something that people around here would like to use...
  8. Rudi Bergner

    Inside glue - replacement grip

    Hi, This may sound stupid but i think its not that new to anyone who has replaced grips before. i´m talking about the inside bllue, wen you take off the grip,half of the glue stays on the raquet and the other half stays melted on he grip. the thing is, i replaced the grip of my 2 raquets but...
  9. DeeeFoo

    How to make the replacement grip flush? (no ridges or dips)

    Hello all, I always use an overgrip with my racquets. But one problem that I've always had to deal with is that I can still feel the ridges/valleys of the original base grip through the overgrip. And since the overgrip already has ridges, there are now double the amount of ridges. Ideally, I...
  10. F

    Best option to increase grip size (+1) while preserving bevel feeling and not adding too much weight

    If you had to increase your grip by one size, what method would you chose? Assume your goal is also to keep the original bevel feeling (avoid rounding it too much) and keep the additional weight as low as possible.
  11. c-had

    Overgrip not staying put

    I have a TW leather grip on my racquets, with a tacky overgrip on top of that. This has worked great for the past 3 years, but lately the overgrip won't stay put. After just an hour of play, my grip looks like this: Sometimes it'll open up near the butt as well, so I get openings under both...
  12. liftordie

    Pro's Pro overgrips

    Who is using Pro's Pro overgrips? Are they good quality? And what is the most similar to Babolat VS original? Thanks
  13. Unforgiven79

    Is Head Pro OG just Tourna Classic rebranded? Alternatives?

    Hello All Having been a loyal Head racquet user since a few years already, this OG of theirs caught my eye: http://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/Overgrip_Head_Pro_Blu/descpageHEAD-HPOB-IT.html Well, it definitely looked like the Tourna Classic, which I had tested and loved, with its one flaw...
  14. C

    Overgrip: Yonex Super Grap vs Wilson Pro Overgrip

    Wilson Pro Overgrip Yonex Super Grap Synthetic Over Grip AC102C ================== Around the place where I live, an overwhelming majority uses the Wilson one. And quite a few use the Yonex one. I have used neither. I use no-brand ones, 0.6mm, tacky, no pattern, no holes. I know how they...
  15. untetheredKite

    Increase Grip Size Heat Shrink Sleeve or Overgrip?

    I want to increase the size the of my grip while keeping the weight increase to a minimum. Should I use a 1/2 size TW heat shrink sleeve or an Overgrip or Replacement Grip like Babolat Symantec Lite or Wilson FeatherThin? I also want to preserve the bevel feel. I want to increase the grip size...
  16. N

    When is a grip 'done'?

    At the moment I am testing some rackets to get a new frame, but this raised the question for me. I have been playing with the same frame ( Wilson six.one 95 ) for about 5-6 years. I have two frames and I play an avarage of 2 hours a week. I play some tournaments in the summer, but not all too...
  17. J

    Luxilon Overgrip

    Hi, have a quick question. Just bought the new Luxilon Elite Dry overgrip and it has the plastic wrap on the same side as the sticky thing at the beginning of the overgrip... So then which way do you grip it- with the sticky side down as with most grips? On lots of other grips the sticky side...
  18. A

    HEAD Prime Overgrip...any good?!

    Hi Everyone, Anyone tried the Prime Overgrip? I haven't been able to find much feedback on them, but assume many ofyou have used them either in passing or by preference. How does it compare to the following: Wilson Pro Overgrip Tecnifibre Pro Contact Yonex Super Grap Thanks in advance for...