paint job

  1. David Le

    Favorite Yonex paint jobs?

    I’ve been using Yonex for the past 7 months and love it so far. For those that are fans of Yonex or just casual fans of nice looking pj, which ones were your favorite over the years? For me it goes like this (no particular order): RQ-120 RDS 001 EZ Xi SV Cool Black Regna G2 VC Galaxy Black VC...
  2. C

    Babolat Pure Storm GT Paint Jobs

    Hey all - I have really loved using Babolat Pure Storm GT's in my past - particularly the tour models. I have been picking up a few here and there on **** when they come up. one thing I cant get to the bottom of is the slight differences in paint jobs within the seemingly same model...
  3. R

    Spec change with new pro racket paintjob?

    A question popped into my head. When pro players switch to the new paintjob of the racket model they endorse, their rackets' current paintjob gets sanded down right? How do they make sure that the racket specs stay the same when they apply the new paint job?