1. Lionel C

    Rafa’s NEW racquet paintjob

    Hey! Go checking Rafa’s Facebook, he has just posted pics with new paintjob ;-)
  2. Simon_the_furry

    Why is Sugita still using the old Pure Drive paint?

    I'm watching his match in Barcelona right now against Garcia-Lopez and I'm noticing he's still got the old Pure Drive paint going. He's ranked in the top 50, so you'd think Babolat would want him endorsing the new one ASAP, right? Anyone know why he still has the old paint?
  3. MaestroSanzh


    Hello tennis experts, Any opinions on HEAD racquet my paint started to chip off ? Is it common for this type of paint ?
  4. lulo

    Blackout Paintjob for Pros

    I was wondering how do pros get their racket blacked out? Doesn't matter sponsor change or new racket with same sponsor. I mean do they just tell P1 or someone? Or do they just do it themselves?