1. S

    Bonny T-618 Stringing Nightmare

    I saw a couple threads on Bonny tennis racquets, and how many of their racquets pushed the envelope on weird designs and experimental concepts. Well, a customer visiting from Taiwan brought a Bonny racquet to be restrung: the Bonny T-618 (purple and green-ish). I looked in the 2020 stringers...
  2. Znak

    Crossover step

    I'm trying to better my footwork and recently to incorporate more crossover step into my game, but I'm getting conflicting messages from different sources. Right now the most common time I'll use it is on my approach shot. But I want to start using it more on my baseline attack. When's the right...
  3. A

    How standardized is string pattern 'extent'?

    All my smaller rackets from an 89.5 sq in Head Comp Tour to a 99 sq in Wilson Steam 99S (plus a Spalding and a Babolat in between) have the same string pattern 'extent', which is what I'm calling the distance between the outermost strings. i.e. for those rackets there is about 247 mm between...