1. R

    Performing under pressure?

    Hello everyone, As part of my Masters in Sport Psychology I am conducting some research into performing under pressure. We are interested in whether an individual's personality influences how they perceive and perform under different types of pressure in sport (eg. large crowd, financial...
  2. E

    "50% is a frame, and 50% is a string"

    I watched TW documentary on the history of Babolat, and in one scene, Eric Babolat, the CEO of Babolat states that when it comes to the performance of the racquet "50% of the performance of the racquet is frame, and another 50% is a string". I don't have enough experience in tennis to judge it...
  3. TripleATeam

    Pre- or Post-Prime?

    If a player is pre-prime are they more effective than post-prime or vise-versa? Any examples or explanations as to why?