1. E

    "50% is a frame, and 50% is a string"

    I watched TW documentary on the history of Babolat, and in one scene, Eric Babolat, the CEO of Babolat states that when it comes to the performance of the racquet "50% of the performance of the racquet is frame, and another 50% is a string". I don't have enough experience in tennis to judge it...
  2. T

    The single MOST IMPORTANT PROPERTY to Stringbed Performance…

    (… and the hidden benefit of smaller headsize on stringbed performance). The most important property to the performance of a stringbed is something that most people have never given much thought to. To control the flight trajectory of a tennis ball, a high level player must be able to apply...
  3. TripleATeam

    Pre- or Post-Prime?

    If a player is pre-prime are they more effective than post-prime or vise-versa? Any examples or explanations as to why?