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  1. Enceladus

    Happy 50th Birthday, Pete Sampras!

    Today, August 12, 2021, one of the greatest tennis players in the history of tennis, Pete Sampras, celebrates his 50th birthday. During his career, he won 14 Grand Slam titles and 64 ATP singles titles, while spending 286 weeks in first place in the ATP world rankings. He has won 7 times...
  2. Enceladus

    Sampras On Maiden US Open Title: 'It Was A Little Too Soon' A few days ago, on September 9, 30 years have passed since the first Grand Slam triumph of Pete Sampras, when he defeated his biggest rival Andre Agassi in the final. Pete was 19 years at the time of the triumph...
  3. RaulRamirez

    If Sampras had won the Barcelona Open 11 times...

    ...would they have named the main court Pista Pete Sampras? Something to ponder (or not) on an early morning - or later.
  4. TheMaestro1990

    Pete Sampras - All 14 Grand Slam Championship Points

    Enjoy, a legend of the game :)
  5. T

    Justify the Lack of French Open Slam in Peter Sampras resume

    Pete Sampras never won at Roland Garros,and failed to even reach the finals on each attempt. How can he be called ATG without clay court prowess?
  6. TWE Staff

    SONO TORNATE le leggendarie scarpe scelte da Pete Sampras, le Nike Air Zoom Oscillate.

    Le Nike Air Zoom Oscillate, scarpe leggendarie celebri negli anni ‘90 festeggiano il loro ventesimo anniversario e per l'occasione, SONO TORNATE! Scopri subito questo modello che è stato scelto dalla leggenda del tennis Pete Sampras su Tennis Warehouse Europe: