1. T

    Last ditch effort for a comfortable racquet

    Been suffering from pain in my elbow since the last year. This is my final hail mary to find a comfortable racquet. From reading other threads, seems like pro-kennex, wilson Clash and phantom O3 port are the front runners. Between the 3 brands/lines of racquets, can someone tell me which is...
  2. goldenhawktennis

    Make my 93p more...K90-like?

    Hey friends! Impulse bought a 93p (18x20) after a nice little demo sesh last month and still trying to get things fully dialed in with it. It's a great racquet as-is, don't get me wrong, but I'm really trying to make it sing. For context, I'm coming from a K90 and I absolutely love the weight...
  3. J

    New Phantom coming in 2019?

    On Andy Gerst's podcast a few weeks ago TW Chris said there was a new phantom being released but wasn't allowed to say anything yet. I know the forum's reach goes far and wide, so what does everyone know so far? Personally I'm hoping for either a 95/97 box beam or a 93p with a 16x18/9. No matter...
  4. jbdbackfan

    Prince Phantom Review

    TW Phantom Playtesters: Was hoping you could comment on why the stability on this racquet was in high 70s only given it has a decent static and swingweight and the groundstrokes score was higher? Where did you notice lack of stability? Chris- you scored stability lower on this compared to the...