1. E

    Seeking More Information About this Raised Platform for a Tennis Ball Machine

    Might anyone have more information about this raised platform for a tennis ball machine? From what I can see, it looks perfect, though from this one picture I can't tell how portable it is. I would especially love to get more insight into how to make the part with what looks like a threaded...
  2. pdizzy

    Kei Nishikori POST INJURY and NEW serve

    This was taken by me during Nishikori's semifinal and final matchup, showcasing his new platform serve and backhand POST INJURY. Semifinals against Jason Jung and Finals against Mackenzie McDonald at RBC Tennis Championships of Dallas challengers tournament. He is looking closer to his old self...
  3. V

    Tennis Tutor Raised Platform or other ;upgrades'

    Has anyone raised the height of the Tennis Tutor? I have played many hours with my Tennis Tutor Plus Player for the three years I’ve owned it and now I want it off the ground at least 30 inches so in a straight ball delivery the ball will come out close to level. Has anyone else tried this...
  4. F

    Healthy serve style

    Hi people.... I'm recovering from GRID on shoulder because bad technique on serve...I was using a platform stance and I've three months to recover and comeback to tennis... Do you recommend me any 'easy' (and healthier haha) pro´s player technique in platform stance