1. Znak

    Pospisil interview

    Copying and pasting from a fellow redditor (u/anchatol) who transcribed the podcast Pospisil was on. He was quite frank about pay, fed and genie. Thought it was quite interesting! If you want to give it a listen, link is here...
  2. Jalee

    Andy Gerst PodCast - Everything about Tennis

    Anyone curious what fan favorite former playtester Andy Gerst has been up to you need to check out his awesome Podcast discussing any and all things tennis. I highly recommend it and would love to start conversations with anyone already listening. The strategies/tips discussed have been...
  3. dthienem

    Best Tennis Podcasts: Recommendations Anyone?

    I'm looking for the best tennis podcasts out there for my commute to work. Let me know what your go-to podcast is for all things tennis-thanks!
  4. MisterP

    Favorite Tennis Podcasts

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not. I like Jon Werthheim's Beyond the Baseline a lot. He tends to have some great guests. One of my favs is the interview he did with Sascha Bajin, where he talks about his role as a coach and a hitter with Serena. Fascinating stuff. I also listen to...