1. ChaelAZ

    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    Simple question. Was just curious how many posters actually play vs. how many don't play but are fans. I see people post that tennis doesn't have a non-playing fan base so I am interested. Of course, I assume most here would search tennis forums out as players, so maybe a skewed base. But let me...
  2. Hunter Rice

    Best Racquet Company

    Please vote for your favorite racquet company and tell us why that company is the best!
  3. 2

    Fun poll 16x19 or 18x20?

    Which string pattern do you guys prefer?
  4. Imago

    Senior Tennis Forum

    It would be nice to have a forum section dedicated to tennis over 50...
  5. AnOctorokForDinner

    Simple poll: Who played worse, Federer in 2011 Dubai F or Djokovic in 2012 Cincinnati F?

    Federer was not great, but still ok until 3-6 *3-2, then he imploded and UEd away four games in a row and with them, the match. Djokovic was subpar in the first set with many UEs and ate a healthy bagel, but picked up his game in the second, even reaching a SP in the tiebreak. Both won an...