poly cross

  1. A

    Gut crosses notching super early in Poly/Gut hybrid

    Hi, I tried both a gut/poly and poly/gut hybrid for the first time, and after a few weeks, i preferred the characteristics of the poly mains, however there was insane notching after just a few hours. The poly was basically drilled far into the gut, and really decreased the spin potential. On...
  2. G

    Radical Mp 2021 String Suggestions

    Hello! Just switched from Vcore 98 Galaxy Black (2019) to the new Head Radical Mp (2021).I tried out the radical and enjoyed the enhanced control I got out of it. FWIW, I live in a high altitude city (8,500 ft) and the name of the game here is spin and keep the ball in the court. In higher...
  3. S

    Round mains/shaped crosses - poly/poly hybrids:

    First of all, I'm a long-time TT lurker who finally made an account. Secondly, I apologize if this topic has already been discussed in previous threads but I haven't seen it anywhere. I understand that most people on here who discuss poly/poly hybrids either like or prefer some sort of shaped...
  4. Shotmaker75

    Luxilon 4G soft better in a hybrid or full bed?

    I played for many years with NG mains /Alu power crosses. Love it for its power, feel and spin....control was there but for me the “perfect” balance between all this aspects never lasted long, making me restring very often and I always needed to have at least one or two fresh string rackets...
  5. liftordie

    Velocity/poly hybrid for CLAY spin player

    Anyone is playing with hybrid V/poly on clay with a strong spin game? Does it last long? What cross are you using?
  6. D

    Poly cross broke after 1.5hours of hitting, bad string or bad stringing job?

    I was playing with a PolyStar Turbo full bed on a Pure Aero - this was freshly strung a day ago and had about 1.5 hours of hitting in. Today during warmup, I heard the string pop after a FH, and saw the 6th cross broke right between the center mains - so this isn’t a framer or a mishit, it was...
  7. G

    Prince Premier Touch Resistance

    Hi, I've been testing for sometimes a multi mains / poly crosses hybrid that I liked a lot, with Pro's pro Hot stuff 1.40mm as mains and either Weisscanon Scorpion 1.22mm or aramid as crosses 1.20mm. I really liked the feeling of this in my racket but the mains do not last long. They break...