1. E

    Closest string to Luxilon M2 Pro?

    Years ago, I had an amazing experience with Luxilon M2 Pro. Since then, they've been discontinued, and I haven't been able to capture that same amazing experience with any other string. What are the closest strings to the M2 Pro that I should try out?
  2. A

    Kirschbaum Super Smash

    I am thinking of buying a reel of Kirschbaum Super Smash as a cheap but playable poly. Any suggestions?
  3. Davee

    Favorite Kirachbaum Strings

    What is your favorite Kirschbaum string? Why? What does it compare to?
  4. remshaam

    RF97 autograph with full polyester @57lbs

    EDIT: The strings that I used were gamma IO string 15L, strung at 58 lbs. I am playing with the RF97 autograph and tried the thickest polyester string 'It feels so dead and hitting a rock, not a tennis ball. When I try my usual topspin forehand, even with so much effort, the ball keeps falling...
  5. Roquestil

    Hybrid suggestions? (Multi + poly)

    2 Head pro Tour racquets coming my way. I will start with Volkl Cyclone (16 g) + Head Velocity MLT hybrid (17 G) and will string one racquet with Mult mains and the other racquet multi crosses. Has anybody tried this configuration? My assumption is that I will be liking multi crosses more...
  6. Grapplesnake USA Official

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Hello, TT friends! We are happy to let you know that Grapplesnake Strings are now available in the United States. We are a German string manufacturer, and have been around in Europe for about two years. Before developing tennis strings, we focused our attention in the rope industry for sports...
  7. Pitti

    String advice for Ultra Tour 18x20?

    Hi everyone. I’ve registered to this forum to see what string advice can you give me: I’ve recently returned to tennis after a 10 year hiatus. I was a consistent club player by the time I gave it up. I’m an all court player, with a 1hbh. I’m aggressive, and like to open angles and attack short...
  8. T

    Crisp feeling poly with max playability duration and spin?

    My first criteria for choosing strings is playability duration and then spin. This criteria led me to a full bed of Ashaway Kevlar 18g @40lbs in terms of feel and spin; I love seeing the fuzz in the air after ripping a forehand. But yeah had wrist and elbow discomfort and cut it out. Went back...
  9. Tecnifibre Official

    Tecnifibre Official - Strings

    Hello everyone! This is Eric/Nick here with Tecnifibre and we’re here to create a new thread to better engage with the community and answer all of your questions. Below is a brief introduction on the two of us, how we got into tennis, and what we do for Tecnifibre. We look forward to meeting...
  10. Q

    Ways to make Black Code 4S more comfortable?

    Hi, Right now I'm playing with a full bed of Black Code 4S strung at 50lb. However after 2-4 hours of gameplay, my arm will usually start to feel more sore. My racket is the RF 97 Autograph one btw. So I'm looking for ways to make it more comfortable. Right now I'm thinking of stringing it...
  11. wferdinand

    Lower tension + stiffer string or higher tension + more flexibile string?

    I was playing with Tennisoutlet Orange Tiger 1.25 (which is a Signum Pro Poly Plasma replica made by Isospeed) in the last time. I was really really getting to like this string in the last time, but now I don't have more from this, but I was bought three Head Sonic Pro 1.25 because I used this...