1. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve

    Ignore the foot fault. I've been working on coiling and generating more power from my lower half.
  2. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve

  3. F

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike power

    Hi, Do you also find PTS to have a lot of power? I play with Yonex Vcore98 with a SW of 305/330g (unstrung/strung). I usually string at 24kg. With PTS I struggle to tame its power. I really have to play like the ball is an egg and avoid to break it to keep it in. Even if I play with a lot of...
  4. FREDerer_NadAUGUSTO

    Needing a suggestion for a new hybrid set

    Hello, dear fellow tennis players and fans of ther sport! I am new to the forum but I follow it since long time ago! Nice to meet Ya! I ve decided to star posting here, because I haven't found a thread about the strings I am intending to use. I play tennis casually since ten year old and...
  5. J

    Blade, but less demanding as Blade 98s

    Hello, I've tried Blade 98s and it's a bit to demanding for me and lacks some power. All of the Blades looks very interesting. I like to play aggressive from base line with heavy spin and especially forehand winners. Was thinking about Blade 101l. All of the 12, 13 years old club players use...
  6. Krulik

    Swing weight to power ratio—if you're strong why heavy?

    So I'm pretty new to tennis, but just wanted to discuss racquet swing weight to power ratio for your personal game style. If you're a strong athlete and heavy hitter, wouldn't it make sense to grab a racquet that's lighter in weight? If swing weight creates more power through the ball, wouldn't...
  7. Znak

    Differences b/w Luxilon Alu Power Range

    Was hoping someone could tell me the difference, or their experience having played, between: Alu Power Alu Power Rough Alu Power Spin Alu Power Feel Alu Power Fluoro Alu Power Soft What is the goto Alu Power string? And why is it sometimes called Big Banger? Is that the previous naming for it...
  8. dr. godmode

    Racquet Hunt: Something less dampened.

    I've been playing with the Aero line for almost 10 years, but since I'm not a junior anymore, I'm finding I don't need such a powerful racquet, and would like something with a little more feel and control. Recently I have demoed 5 racquets (I will rank in order of preference): 1. Yonex SV 95- I...
  9. A

    Luxilon ALU vs PolyStar - Strike 18x20 vs 16x19

    Hi everyone! First a bit a background info on myself. I'm 28yo, 6'2", pretty strong physicasly. Been playing rec tennis ever since I could remember. Never seriously, just here and there with my dad and friends when I was younger. For the past 2 years, I've really picked it up and started...
  10. N

    Burn FST 99 stringing possibilities

    I am a 3.5 player at best and am currently running wilson revolves on the mains and wilson syn gut power on the crosses at 55lbs. This has proved to be a terrible hybrid for me, very limited sweet spot which is hurting my game and has lost tension very quickly. Was wondering what would be a...
  11. H

    Can't hit flat serve

    Hello, some time lurker here. I decided to ask help here, because my serve is not progressing. My serve has always been rather weak. I never had a real flat serve. Its basically always some kind of dink inside. However, I can hit this crazy slow sidespin serve. Demonstrated in the...