1. S

    Solitary Drills/Practice

    Hi, I was wondering if there were any drills or ways to practice in a way that would give me the best improvement for my time without a partner to practice with. As of now I have been using a practice wall to practice my strokes, and I’ve also been using the court to practice my serve. Are there...
  2. Pctopcool

    Newbie seeking advice on serve (with video)

    Hi there, This is my second "newbie seeking advice" post here. From my first post, I received tons of great advice and encouragement that helped my game a lot. So, hopefully I can get some feedback again this time. I started playing tennis last fall, and am recently focusing on my serve. As a...
  3. ak24alive

    What is Federer gonna do

    In this post I am gonna ask all the Fed related questions I have been having for the last few days. Now that Roger is on a break for at least 2 months(in case he plays Stuttgart) when is he going to start practicing for the Grass Court season and where?? I know his go-to place is Dubai but not...
  4. The Vitamin L

    Sibling Rivalry - Some fun points

    Helping prep the little sis for a tournament next week. We usually play sets, but we were both exhausted from practicing with my friends beforehand so we just played some quick points. Played both deuce and ad side multiple times in a row without much of a break, which is why you'll see us stay...
  5. pdizzy

    My 3.5 Tennis Gameplay

    Will be using this thread to give updates on my tennis game evolution and hopefully show improvements from the advice received thus far. Feel free to comment with any feedback you might have here or on Youtube!
  6. pdizzy

    3.5 channel - Seeking followers for feedback!

    If you use youtube, follow my channel and help with feedback!
  7. pdizzy

    NTRP 3.5M looking to improve game to 4.0

    Looking for advice on my game to improve to 4.0. Feel free to follow me and comment on my progress videos below:
  8. M

    One handed backhand practice - tips needed

    Hi all, I am trying to fix my backhand. I often feel I lack power. I always thought I am not turning enough, but by looking at this video, it seems to me like I am turning too much. I don't know anymore. Please share your tips and problems you see here. I know I have too big loop :) But it seems...
  9. -NN-

    Federer's private practices before the 2017 AO Final

    Any spies in the forum? Any idea who was involved? Any idea what might have been different about them? Is it the usual practice for Fed and or others?