1. James P

    Predict your top 10 for end-of-year 2022 (ATP)

    Who do you think will finish in the top 10, and what is the order, for 2022? 01 - Daniil Medvedev (RUS) 02 - Novak Djokovic (SRB) 03 - Alexander Zverev (GER) 04 - Rafael Nadal (ESP) 05 - Jannik Sinner (ITA) 06 - Matteo Berrettini (ITA) 07 - Stefanos Tsitsipas (GRE) 08 - Andrey Rublev (RUS) 09...
  2. James P

    Tennis Abstract's Predictions 2021 USO Men's

    Tennis Abstract's Elo-based prediction model for the 2021 US Open Men's singles competition. Kind of surprised at how high Medvedev is compared to Djokovic. They have relatively even odds. Also surprised a bit that Rublev rates higher than Tsitsipas and that Sinner is rated #7 overall. Seed...
  3. RaulRamirez

    Project Your Top 8 for 2021: ATP (and if interested, WTA)

    If this has already been done, I apologize, but even if it was, here's a chance to try again. I have not yet refined my own projections, and hope to do so at some point -- if only to look back in November, 2021 and see how bad they were. My hope is that this will be an argument-free thread...
  4. raph6

    Pre Wimbledon State of Art

    This year grass court season has potential to be epic. Why ? Because a lot of great grass courters have fallen in the rankings ! Let's see who outside the top 10 could cause damages in the draw : 1. Isner (ranked 11) 2. Del Potro (ranked 12) 3. Medvedev (ranked 13) 4. Cilic (ranked 15) 5...
  5. N

    It’s early 2018. Make a prediction for EOY 2020, 2022 & 2024 that will make you look like a Genius

    We’ve been enjoying a spate of resurrected old threads from between 2004-2016 about Federer and the possibility of him reaching 20 slams. At various points, whether in jest, reasonable belief or even mockingly, some posters did make the correct prediction! So here’s your chance to make...
  6. Otacon

    What to expect in 2018 ? Jeff Salzenstein's predicitions

    It's predictions time and Jeff Salzenstein, a former top 100 player, makes no exception. 2018 is going to be the Djokovic year according to him, and Murray could surprise us all and call it a career sooner rather than later. It starts at 18:45
  7. -NN-

    Who predicted Stan Wawrinka's success?

    Out with it.
  8. kOaMaster

    Who predicted the last 12 months and what was it about?

    It's been quite spectacular how the momentum over the last 12 months changed within the Big Four - from the all over the world dominating Djokovic with his first RG title and prospects to win even a Grand Slam to an extremly consistent Murray reaching #1 at the end of the year, Federer coming...
  9. J

    This jinxing malarkey?

    Not Ginseng, Jinxing. Why are all these "Nadal will beat Federer" "Federer will beat Dimitrov" "Dimitrov will make mince of Nadal" "Nadal nada's Dimitrov" threads pop up? This has been going on since the start of this tournament lol. I take it we have junior Rasputin's on here who think they...
  10. J

    If the match would happen. Murray would lose to Federer in the quarters.

    Federer has been a thorn in the side of Murray at slams barring Murray's last win over Federer. I believe Federer would swat the number 1 player like he did to Pigeonditch today. The Edberg effect is still there, the aggressive style and dalliances to the net will put Murray in the same...