1. R

    Suggestions for UTR 7-8 Player

    Long-time lurker (ever since 8th grade when I began thinking about racquets and a coaching change) but first time poster. For reference, I am an All-State tennis player who is turning down DII/DIII/JUCO offers for academic reasons and will likely be playing DI Club Tennis next year. I want a new...
  2. pico

    Prestige Pro vs Extreme Tour

    I am an aggressive baseliner with a one handed back hand. I am unable to demo racquets and am very interested in both these. Which one would you recommend?
  3. Znak

    Graphene 360+ Presitge MP/ Graphene 360+ Speed Pro/ VCore 95 '21

    Out of curiosity which is closest to the Blade v7 18x20? I've been reading that both Head racquets are similar to some degree to the Blade, but curious as to what characteristics they all share and which are the outliers. I'm aware of the TF40 being a direct comparison, more interested in other...
  4. R

    String experiences/findings for Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP

    For the people that played with this frame: what are your experiences with strings in the 360+ Prestige MP? Is it string sensitive for you? Do full beds of poly or hybrids suit this frame better for you? What kind of tensions work best? Etc, etc. Interested to hear.
  5. I

    Retail Head YT PM retail vs Head Pro Stock 237.3

    Hello everyone, I've been playing tennis for awhile and finally found out that there are "Pro Stock" racquets. I use to play with a Retail Head YT Prestige Mid back in 2012 and sold it because i was developing TE but I miss it dearly. I found an okay Head Pro Stock 237.3 for sale for $130 and...
  6. A

    A review...

    Can someone please give me a review of the prestige no as seen here...
  7. lordsmee

    Strings for new Graphene 360+ Prestige MP? Hybrid or Poly?

    Hey guys, just got the Graphene 360+ Prestige MP - but need help with strings. (Static weight is 347g after everything.) Context: I played with a Youtek Prestige MP with a hybrid of alu-power 55lbs/57lbs wilson NXT. I could attack with deep flat balls, but found it hard to generate spin. As my...
  8. Robert_in_LA

    Can an intermediate player use an "advanced player's racquet"?

    I'm a 3.0-3.5 player who's taken some time off from the game, but I'm starting to play more again... I'm looking for a new racquet, and I've always liked racquets on the smaller end (98 sq. in. or less), with good weight, that are head light, and have lots of flex. A racquet that fits this...
  9. lordsmee

    Upgrade from Youtek Prestige MP? Anything with same plush feel?

    Hey guys. Looking to upgrade from my Youtek Prestige MP. Want something with the same super plush and comfortable feel. I like control-based racquets that swing fast. My style is defensive baseliner, with a 2handed BH. Love returning the ball, so something maneuverable but stable is important...
  10. Dreamliner

    Has the Speed series replaced the Radical in HEAD's contemporary line-up of racquets?

    I mean just look at how TW presents the racquets to the general public: "The Speed family of racquets sits between the classic control of the Prestige line and the modern power of the Extreme series. These racquets are perfect for all-court players looking for a good balance between power and...
  11. R

    Haven't played for years till now - Need help in finding a new player's racquet

    Since I can't demo racquets here I would be happy to get some recommendations on a new racquet choice Didn't play for many years, and started to play again recently but feeling pains in my arm and shoulder with my current racquets. About me: I'm 37, former open level player, aggressive...
  12. K

    *HELP* identify my Head iPrestige please?

    This is an old racquet I’ve had for a long time and I’m just looking to work out what it is. I’m in the market for a new identical version but struggling to find something with same specs. It’s the head intelligence prestige mid plus standard length model (made in Austria). It weighs 357g...
  13. Devil_dog

    So I got a pair of Nike Air Zoom Prestige

    Thanks to Tennis Warehouse's sale price, I opted to buy and try a pair of the Nike Air Zoom Prestige. I'm an admittedly life-long Nike guy. My favorite tennis shoe for the last decade of playing has been the Nike Air Vapor 9/9.5s. I tried the Lunar Ballistecs but it never really felt right. But...
  14. kittogi

    Kindly ID this Prestige

    I bought this used Graphene Prestige S from a local tennis shop. It comes with a Head leather grip. By the way, this local shop, besides selling new gears, also sells used rackets from amateur and junior players. I'm wondering if this is a non-retail Graphene Prestige S. Note: I've had this...
  15. J

    Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour question

    Hello, good morning, I am a user of Babolat Pure Control Tour (version before Strike VS tour) and my racquets are too beaten, basically on the end-of-life due the massive usage.. :-) I am looking for a replacement of these racquets and read in other threads (some employee from Babolat) saying...
  16. Lukhas

    What can I expect from this?

    Aside from the billions of paint scraps and chips, the rotten grip held by a rusted staple, the dust mixed with rust, the missing trap door and being left in the open for days and days on end, it's not in that bad of a place... purely structurally speaking. The bumper even seems usable...
  17. CiscoPC600

    Prestige Classic fans, please help me identify these two Prestige Classic 600s

    I recently purchased two Prestige Classic 600s, and I’m fairly confident the one in the Classic tourna grip is the tennis warehouse re-issue and the leather grip one is possibly an original from the 90s. Note: I forgot to include a picture of the leather grip one having a specification typo...
  18. TheBoom

    Which Head Prestige MP Generation?

    Hey guys, So I currently use a pair of Graphene Prestige MP and I love them, they are by far my favorite racket I have used but one is starting to crack. I found a good deal on the Youtek, Youtek IG, and the Graphene XT Prestige MP. Could anyone explain the differences in the frames? I...
  19. S

    Prestige xt cap grommets on a Xt radical pro

    hi guys, I've been looking to cap my xt radical pro, but in my country, head doesn't sell the radical xt cap grommets, so i was wondering if the prestige pro xt caps (16x19) would fit, given that they have the same head size, and only 1mm difference in beam width. Anyone has tried this?? i want...
  20. Sir Awesome

    Best Head Prestige generation after the Classic and why.

    I know this is very subjective, but which prestige of recent production best resembles the Prestige Classic in terms of feel and control/power balance?
  21. Sir Awesome

    Best Head Prestige generation after the Classic and why.

    I know this is very subjective, but which prestige of recent production best resembles the Prestige Classic in terms of feel and control/power balance?
  22. rafa_prestige89

    Best Prestige Mid Plus

    Which do you think is the best Prestige Mid Plus released so far and why?
  23. N

    Graphene Prestige MP’s

    I just picked up a Graphene (not XT) Prestige MP second hand. Haven’t hit with it yet. What’s everyone’s opinion on this stick?
  24. A

    Replacement for Head Youtek IG Radical MP

    I just busted my IG Radical MP. I need a replacement just like it but wasn't able to find one in the current market. Can someone advice me on a racquet close to it or better available currently? Thanks a lot!
  25. Raf.spin

    Customizing Head Prestige Graphene Rev Pro

    Just bought 2 Head Prestige Graphene Rev Pros for $64 each. I will be thoroughly customizing them to increase the weight. To start with, these are 300 grams unstrung, 8 pts HL. My first customization will be adding a leather grip which I already ordered. This grip is 29g as opposed to the 18g...
  26. tyu1314

    Does Head youtek IG prestige mid grommet fit on microgel mid?

    I see that there is no longer grommet for microgel/youtek prestige mid. Does the youtek ig prestige mid's grommet fit on microgel/youtek mid?
  27. M

    Graphene XT Rev Pro users

    Just wondering how anyone has modded theirs and what strings theyve found works well?
  28. U

    Racquet Technologies: Real vs Marketing

    I was always under the impression that graphite felt and performed the best. I thought newer technologies were just cost cutting measures. As a result, I stuck to and collected old "Made in Austria" Head Prestiges. Then, everything changed when I played with the Prince Textreme Tour 95. It's...
  29. Tangi

    Head Graphene Touch Prestige

    Hey Guys, hope you're all well. I haven't posted in a while so I thought about starting a new thread on possibly our favourite (or not anymore) topic for many of us! What do you think will happen for the next line of Prestiges which will surely come out early 2018? Considering the changes...
  30. W

    Head Prestige Classic 600 What Year?

    What year is this Prestige Classic 600? Is it authentic? And any detailed and accurate specs for this racquet? Thanks