prince phantom 93p

  1. pico

    Finding it hard to commit to a racquet. Advice?

    Currently, in my bag I have these: Prince Phantom 93p Rf97 head speed pro Head gravity pro Technifibre tf40 I hit groundstrokes well with all. My serve is prob best with the rf97. I return best with the 93p. I really dont know how to commit to one since there are other variables too like their...
  2. pico

    Ghost Wire 17g

    Hi all. I cannot seem to find much information on Ghost Wire 17g strings. I am interested in it for my Phantom 93P. What is the power rating like for it? What would be a recommended tension to start with? I have used Yonex Poly Tour Pro 120 in this racquet at 46lbs before and didn't mind that. I...
  3. pico

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Hi guys. Recently I have been struggling with the one hand backhand with my 18 x 20 racquets. I play either a Gravity Pro or Phantom 93P. I find that I am either just hitting the net cord or getting my balls long. I find that I struggle with directional control as well. Yesterday, I switched to...
  4. pico

    Prince phantom 93p and Big Hitter Silver Rough

    Anyone out there use this combination? If so, what tension worked good for you?