1. S

    Prince Graphite Classic Restock

    Hi, I ordered some Prince Graphite Classic 107 4 1/4 rackets. Site says 90 days for back order. Can you share any information on whether Prince will continue to supply this racket or is it being discontinued? What are the chances of my order being fulfilled? Thanks
  2. V

    Prince Ozone Seven OS Missing Neck Grommet, any ideas?

    I found an old prince racket in the garage and wanted to restring it, but the neck grommet had melted due to heat so I removed it. Any suggestions for how I should put this part back in? Without the gel net grommet I can't string the racket. Prince racket image Thanks guys!
  3. V

    Multifilament on Ezone 100 (2022)

    I’ve been playing tennis for 16 months now. I’ve been taking lessons once a week since the beginning (except in the summer). I went from not playing tennis at all to have a decent technique thanks to my lessons at my local club with very good pro instructors. I also play once or twice per week...
  4. T

    Tennis Racket recommendations

    I am looking for a new racket. I have been playing with the Babolat Pure Strike VS and really enjoy it but it is not very forgiving. I'm looking for a control oriented racket that has a bigger sweet spot and is more forgiving. I was thinking of trying the Prince Tour 100P, Head Gravity Pro and...
  5. C

    Prince PBM 200 ball machine users manual

    I bought a Prince PBM 200 ball machine, seems in good shape, wondering where to find a user/owners manual, I have searched everywhere but cannot find anything
  6. Kalugin

    Nikolay Davydenko personal racket. Secrets.

  7. Automatix

    Vox populi: CTS or straight beam on thin profile Prince racquets?

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, Foes etc., The issue of CTS vs Straight Prince beam design does come up here and there regarding mostly the new Phantom Graphite models so I thought it would be interesting to see how many are in favor of the new CTS order and how many would like to see a return to...
  8. F

    New racquet after Prince Tour NXG

    Hi, I've been playing a Prince Tour NXG Graphite Midplus ( ever since I started playing tennis. (learned tennis with a coach) Now I'm planning to make a change to a new racquet. I decided it's going to be Yonex. I'm not...
  9. C


    Prince Phantoms are 50% off right now on TW. It says three days only, I noticed the prices yesterday so not sure when it ends. I'd order today. This includes the much loved (from what I've read) 93P. A couple of the Phantom Pro's are $75. :eek::eek::X3: That is insane for brand new racquets...
  10. H

    Choosing between the Prince ATS Textreme Tour 98 vs 100

    Hey there! I currently play with a Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) (2019) and I love it! I'm struggling to find it now in grip size 3 though & figured I may give the new versions a go. I would typically just gravitate towards the 100 again but the playtesters comments on manoeuvrability have...
  11. C

    Phantom Pro vs Phantom Pro (18x20)

    I want to know if anyone has played both and has input? Both models are, RIGHT NOW, ridiculously cheap on TW. And this basically means I am going to buy a pair of another racquet I may or may not need :X3: In an effort to not buy 2 pairs of racquets, I want to hear peoples' feedback. The one...
  12. P

    Pure Aero VS (PAVS) or Prince Textreme Tour 310

    Hey folks, Love to see if anyone can compare Pure Aero VS (PAVS) and Prince Textreme Tour 310 against each other! Primarily interested in how they compare in power, control, comfort and spin. I couldn't find any related discussing in the other threads. Hopefully not a question that has...
  13. W

    Interesting (Prince) history/involvement in the Blackburne Double Strung racquet

    Today, I was perusing the big auction site and came across a listing for a Prince Double Strung racquet. Yes, that's right - a Prince... not a Blackburne. Now, I'm very familiar with the Blackburne Double Strung frames. However... until today, I had never even heard of - let alone seen - a...
  14. NawImNate

    Prince Rackets - CTS & Graphite Pro 90’s

    Anyone can compare the two? I’m waiting on them in the mail, wondering if they are close to the same feel or not. 1988 Prince CTS Precision 90 (purple sparkle paint) & 1986 Prince Graphite Pro (series) 90 (black paint w gold & white pinstripe, also called the “tournament” in different...
  15. K

    Please Help Me Find Prince Topspin Plus?

    Hi all, I got a used reel of this string online. I turned out to like it way more than any other Synthetic Gut I’ve ever used and even more than yonex multi/poly hybrid (can anyone explain how this is possible? Lol). I’m a 3.0 rec player, only been playing a few months now. The reel has been...
  16. B

    Prince Phantom 100x 305 - Paint Chips, Scratches & Touch Ups

    For any fellow Phantom 100x players that are sick of their lovely paint getting chipped on hard courts - I've found that the RAL-7021 Paint Touch Up Pen (for cars) is a very close match indeed. It keeps my OCD at bay and my racquets looking nice a fresh for a little over £6 from amazon.
  17. E

    Prince 1998 Thunder Stick

    Need to find a racquet that is similar or models Prince 1998 Thunder Stick Morph Beam 1000 Power Level 115 long body racket. Have tried numerous demos but keep going back to high school racquet. Look’ing for a replacement that has similar power level, oversize racquet head and long body...
  18. E

    How is Prince brand doing?

    I see lots of new prince frame releases. Synergy, ripstick, ... new Phantoms last year ... Phantoms and Textreme Tours got very positive reviews. Yet, no pro endorsements. I don’t see any juniors playing them either. Does anyone have any idea how is Prince doing? Are their sales keeping...
  19. goldenhawktennis

    Make my 93p more...K90-like?

    Hey friends! Impulse bought a 93p (18x20) after a nice little demo sesh last month and still trying to get things fully dialed in with it. It's a great racquet as-is, don't get me wrong, but I'm really trying to make it sing. For context, I'm coming from a K90 and I absolutely love the weight...
  20. PSC85

    Prince Phantom Graphite 97 availability?

    Dear @TW Staff Any chance TW will be carrying Phantom Graphite 97 here in states in the near future?
  21. T

    Customization help

    I will be demoing 3 racquets and would like to get them close in swing weight and static weight. Doesn't need to be exact. I will be buying TW tungsten tape and puddy. Who can help me on recommending how much weight and where it should go? My goal is to get the Prince Phantom 107G and Dunlop CX...
  22. 10S-Junkie

    Poll: Prince Textreme Tour 95 owners - Anxiously waiting for new 2021 (white) release?

    * UPDATE! New Tour series will be released this May (2022). See newest posts for specs, photos and videos. There have been other posts in the Racquets forum implying that there will be an eventual North American launch of the new Prince Textreme Tour series that was recently released in Japan...
  23. D

    Racquet recommendation for a USTA 3.0?

    Dear members, First let me give you a background about myself. I am from Sri Lanka and I am 37 years old, 5'6", weighing 180 pounds. I went for tennis coaching for around 6 months in my junior days, played around 2-3 competitive matches in school. After an injury I stopped playing and started...
  24. Y

    Are Prince Grip Sizes Getting Larger?

    Hello, Has anyone noticed a change in prince grip sizes since around 2019? I have a few old prince racquets: - precision mono ( 90's ) - pog classic ( 2014 ) - phantom 100p 1st gen ( 2017/18? ) All are 4 3/8 and the grip feels consistent. I've had many other prince sticks over the year and...
  25. P

    Prince Phantom 100X 305

    Curious if anybody is using this racquet and what your impression is. I currently use a Prince 100 Tour 16x18 racquet.
  26. A

    Prince vs. Wilson quality control?

    As it stands today, which company has better QC? I’m thinking of either picking up a Textreme Tour 95 or Pro Staff 97.
  27. J

    Question on the Prince Phantom Pro 100P and weight variation

    hi all - hoping to leverage the forum to figure out a weight differential in a couple of PPP100P’s I picked up recently. I bought one through TW when they were on sale a month or two ago and liked it, so picked up another gently used racquet on the Bay. The one i got through TW is strung up...
  28. WilPro

    Idetifying old Prince racquet

    This is a racquet I received yesterday for stringing. And I remembered back in the day it was one of the racquets I played and enjoyed it. I didn't own one, it was just another racquet in a stack of racquets that my coach had for students to use. Now I recognized the model and I am curious if...
  29. R

    Did Prince’s series of different O Ports hurt their ability to have pros endorse one racket while using another?

    Like I remember Malisse and a couple other guys using a Diablo or Graphite well after they stopped being produced. Cause obviously Prince couldn’t paint them like a O3 white. Now if you wanted to stick with the O3 white, there’s really no racket you can pretend that pro is using to endorse...
  30. Rudi Bergner

    Choosing a new racket! (Problem with the actual gear)

    I’m searching for a new stick. I’ll tell you the back story. Until November 2019 I was playing with a Dunlop force 98 (the orange one) In August I Changed the original grip with a leather grip (the tennis wharehouse one actually), and it felt really good, I got that feel I had when I used to...