pro kennex

  1. goldenhawktennis

    Adopted a Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 yesterday!

    Sometimes the tennis gods reward you for going on your silly little daily walk and offer up a free side of the road racquet for your enjoyment! Came across this Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 on the corner with a sign that said "FREE" and couldn't help but be intrigued! I hadn't heard of the racquet...
  2. A


    Has anyone tried Pro Kennex's IQ Poly X Black tennis string?
  3. shockmaster

    Pro kennek Delta OS?

    Has anyone played with the stick? Can’t find much info on it at all. Looks pretty funky. Not even sure what year. I just picked one up super cheap and really can’t find much info at all. Has anyone spent time with one or known someone who has? I usually play my Babolat Pure Drive or my...
  4. tkoziol

    Pro Kennex Ace Series

    There is already a great thread on this with some info that I compiled. However, the thread was started in '07 and the classic racquet talk thread was formed in '09. So I'm creating a thread here. I'm gonna need some serious help from everyone! I know there are quite a few classic PK owners out...
  5. Zurc

    Dunlop Jetspace Tournoi

    Hi guys, first post here. Bought this tennis racquet on a second-hand shop and i was wondering if anyone knew the racquet and its exact specs. From what i've measured: 27in; 86? sq in; 16mm beam width; 16x19 string pattern; Head light - I don't know how much Pics below: