pro staff 6.0

  1. T

    Looking for a Pro Staff Six.One 95 V13 Grip Size 3

    I am trying to purchase this racquet but unfortunately, I am located in Canada and Wilson does not ship there. If anyone has this racquet please reach out to me as I am interested in purchasing it!
  2. Yoav

    Want to pair a different racket with my Blade 98 16x19

    I grew up playing with the Sampras's Pro Staff (95 in' though).. Then a few years ago switched to Blade 98 16X19. I want to buy another racket to pair with it, and feel like getting a different one which won't feel too different. Very tempted to try the Pro Staff 97S v13, which reminds me the...
  3. Yoav

    Give me a tennis racquet that will replace my PS6.0 95, without thick beam!

    I love my racquet, but it's just too old.. bought the 97s but now I see it's discontinued as I need another one. Also - the HL 3 pts of the 97s is too little for what I'm used to.. Help! Please! :)