pro staff 97

  1. K

    X-One Biphase 16G + ALU Power 16L on PS97?

    Hi! New to the forum but was hoping to get some advice on strings. I've been playing with the X-One Biphase 16G full bed up until this point on my Pro Staff 97 but have been finding my shots a bit flat and long so was looking to switch to a hybrid setup since I'm not a huge fan of a full poly...
  2. A

    Pro Staff 97 Update?

    Anybody know anything about Wilson's plans for the Pro Staff 97? I really don't like the countervail version so am curious what Wilson's plans are for this line.
  3. R

    Pro Staff RF 97A

    Hi, for all PSRF97A Black users, what are good polys to use in full bed in this frame, my favorite right now is Rs Lyon 1.25 at 50, I have been tried different polys like; Alu Power, Max Power, Rpm Blast, etc. Anyone use Hyper G 1.30 in this racquet? Still searching for the perfect poly for this...
  4. J

    pro staff 97ls string thoughts

    Hi, My daughter demoed some rackets a year ago (age 13) and chose a pro staff 97ls (18x16). I noticed that strings lasted much longer in my 16x19 racket than her pro staff. Now realizing that the 18x16 pattern will really eat up strings quickly. She started with NXT 17g strings, then moving...
  5. L

    Dimitrov new racquet?

    Dimitrov is using a new paintjob on Roland Garros. Is it the new Pro Staff 97? Thanks!
  6. H

    Pro Staff 97S v. Pro Staff 97

    I cracked both of my aeropro drives and recently demoed the Pro Staff 97S. I really liked it, and thought the spin, control, and power it afforded me were incredible, except some balls tend to fly and my flat serve feels weaker than with the aeropro. Does anyone have experience with both frames...