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  1. T

    Pro Staff Butt Cap

    Does anyone know what the notch on the butt cap is for?
  2. S

    New Racket Ventures? (Moving on from PS97)

    For those who played with the PS and moved on, what racket did you switch to? So, I've been playing tennis for quite sometime (28 yrs old today - played as a Junior for 10+ years) and getting back to the sport on regular basis in the last 3+ years. I played with the BLX Pro Tour ever since I...
  3. I

    Question to PS97 v13 Owners

    Has anyone measured the strung SW of their racquet in stock (no customs) ? The SW of 321 on TW just doesn't make sense. I'd say maybe a typo and supposed to be 312 which sounds much more reasonable but it's not first time I see a measured SW on TW that seems too high ... Vcore98 was 325 which is...
  4. A

    Pro Staff 6.1 100 and a little lead tape... WOW (also, question inside)

    I have a couple Pro Staff Six.One 100 v13 rackets I was about to put up for sale, until I put a little lead tape at 12 o'clock. Wow. I cannot say enough about how this changed everything. The feel is there, the power is there, the control is there. I tried a leather grip, which didn't help me...
  5. chagazzo

    Squeaky butt cap syndrome on my v13 Pro Staff 97L. What size staples should I use?

    As the title states, my son's 97L pro staff has got squeaky butt cap syndrome. I've gone to Lowe's and seen that they staples that are way too big for a racquet butt cap. I'm guessing that the optimal width of the needed staple for a butt cap is about 1/4 inch and about 12mm or 1/2 inch in...
  6. R

    Is there a new Wilson Federer DNA Backpack to be released?

    Hey guys. As many of we know, the new Wilson Pro Staff V14 is coming early next year. But does somebody know if there is going to be an update for the Federer DNA Backpack as well (not the Pro Staff themed bag)? I want to update my 2018 all-red DNA backpack, so I was thinking if I should wait a...
  7. E

    Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 9 vs Wilson DNA 12 pack

    Hi, I'm looking for a nice, good looking and functional bag that is not too big for a recreational player, that can carry 3, maybe even 4 rackets, with extra space for shoes, clothes and other gear. A big fan of wilson here, so I ended up choosing between the Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 9 and...
  8. V

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97: A summary of people's experiences with the racquet

    I've been reading lots of online reviews of the Pro Staff RF97 as I'm thinking of getting a couple of these. I've read people's experiences on Tennis Warehouse forums, Reddit, Quora, read all the reviews I could find online, watched YouTube reviews and read comments, etc. So, I thought it would...
  9. Tan Tennis

    What would Wilson do with the Pro Staff line after Federer retired?

    Hi guys, Federer is retired, and it doesn't seem to me to have other top players on the tour who play with the PS97 or RF97, especially on the ATP. I read from this forum that there will be the new v14 with bronze color coming out probably in early 2023. I'm excited for that and plan to get...
  10. V

    Federer's Laver Cup racquet

    Hi! Did anyone notice that Fed's racquet for the Laver Cup has a red butt cap like the regular Pro Staff v13, and a brown leather grip? Is that a new model? The RF97 has a flat black butt and a black leather grip. Did I miss anything?
  11. D

    Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack Design Update?

  12. forzmr_b

    I'm on a quest to either find a new ideal racket or conclude that the Blade 98 18x20 2013 (v4) is the ONE for me

    In brief: I'm on a quest to either find a new ideal racket or conclude that the Blade 98 18x20 2013 (v4) is the ONE. I have tried several rackets recently (details below), but have yet to find anything similar. Appreciate your thoughts, experiences, and recommendations for a racket with a...
  13. R

    Wilson Pro Staff 97L v13 crazy stiff??

    Hi Guys. I had a hit with a junior at my club’s Pro Staff 97L. She complained she struggles to get power. The one racquet had Signum Pro X-perience 1.24 (i love this string) and the other had Gamma Moto 1.30 and she is trying other string. All strung at 54. I tried the racquet and it felt like a...
  14. chagazzo

    Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95 V.13 (Pro Labs)

    So I just ordered this stick from Wilson Pro Labs. UPS should be delivering it today. As soon as it arrives, I'm taking it to my stringer and putting on a full bed of 17g Babolat Gut, string savers, a tan Wilson leather grip and just for the nostalgia, some power pads. How many of you guys and...
  15. chagazzo

    Wilson Super Tour Bags...They destroy your shirts!

    I'd like to get some input from everyone who owns the current Wilson Super Tour tennis bags. I've got a 15 pack Wilson Super Tour in the Pro Staff black cosmetic, I have a 9 pack in the traditional color way. From what I have experienced, they snag all of your shirts! I don't find an issue when...
  16. D

    Wilson Blade 98L v6 and Wilson Pro Staff 97L v13

    I'm considering if I should buy one of these two racquets? Have you used either? Tell me everything about them! Thanks!
  17. B

    People in Australia getting 40% off Pro Staff Racquets

    I just noticed Tennis Only (TW Australia) is having a 40% off sale of all their Pro Staff racquets in honour of Roger's birthday. :oops: Doesn't say if it's only for today but while stocks last. Get in quick people down under!
  18. S

    Which one: Pro Staff Tour 90 or new Pro Labs Six One 95

    Hey TW Just wanted to see what people's choices would be if they were to choose between the Pro Staff Tour 90 and the Pro Labs Six One 95. I'm a sucker for old sticks and currently use HPS 6.1 and ncode six one 95. Let me know what you guys would pick!
  19. S

    Advice for Stringing Adjustments (Novice)

    Hey guys! I've recently taken up tennis again as a hobby, and I've been playing regularly for the last 3 months, (4 times a week, typically 90 minute sessions 1 on 1 with a hitter). I was using a my old crappy cheap Prince racquet untill I played enough to make an upgrade. I recently bought a...
  20. joshuadearing

    Prestrung "good" rackets and Prestrung in general (Wilson Six.One 2017)

    I ordered a bunch of the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One (2017) from Europe (I'm in Cali) and they come prestrung with Wilson synthetic gut. I had bought a few of them back in 2017; so I can confirm that even the USA versions came prestrung. I just wonder why Wilson did this and a question in general...
  21. N

    FIX: Pro Staff 97 Butt Cap Edges

    Hi everyone, Been using a Pro Staff 97 (first gen) for a while now and I see that some of you guys have the same problem with pre-v13 Pro Staffs butt caps. The problem is that the butt caps have very sharp edges and corners in some of the sides that dig into your palm. My thinking is that there...
  22. A

    Prince vs. Wilson quality control?

    As it stands today, which company has better QC? I’m thinking of either picking up a Textreme Tour 95 or Pro Staff 97.
  23. Unforgiven79

    Why no more 18x20 Pro Staff?

    I just wonder why a 18x20 version of the legenday Wilson line is (no longer?) available. As a long-term devoted (but separated since few years now) to this racquet, I would love a 18x20 to satisfy all my need for control and placement. I have migrated to Prestige MP and Blade, both 18x20, but...
  24. A

    Pro Staff 97 Update?

    Anybody know anything about Wilson's plans for the Pro Staff 97? I really don't like the countervail version so am curious what Wilson's plans are for this line.
  25. tennisboygr

    New Pro Staff

    Any rumors about the possibility of a new pro staff coming out this year or early next year?
  26. MazarXskunk

    Would a pack of string be enough?

    Hello, I have a Pro Staff 6.0 125 and was wondering if a pack of 40ft string be enough to restring it. Any input would be appreciated, Thanks Cheers, Jo
  27. R

    Babolat makes the game easier?

    I read something similar to this, but don't know where, my experience is the same, I have a Wilson Pro Staff RF97, and I have been using it for a year, last week I tried the Babolat Pure Aero 2019, and everything was easier, the racquet has more maneuverability, power, spin, and because it is...
  28. wferdinand

    General 97-98 vs 100 sqin headsize comparsion

    A friend of mine have a mind-breaking opinion: He had Yonex EZone DR 98 285g and EZone DR 100 300g, and his experience was how hit more frame with DR 98 compared to DR 100. No, this is not a joke, but I know how this is ********. Independently from this thing I compared my (old) Head G XT...
  29. wferdinand

    String for Wilson Pro Staff 97

    I bought a pair of used PS 97 (version 11 - black/red), which is currently stringed with Revolve 1.25mm/17, 23 kgs (50,5 lbs) mains 24 kgs (53 lbs) crosses. I played 7 hours with all two racquets, but I don't bought these with fresh stringjobs. Surprisely I don't feel how tension is...
  30. E

    Recent purchased a Pro Staff 85 and... ... Not really sure what to make of this. Is this detrimental to the rackets performance?