1. Hudson De Risi

    How do Futures National Rankings on Acceptance list work USA?

    Hello, I was curious how the acceptance list worked for futures and where they took the national ranking list from for the United States.
  2. innoVAShaun

    ATP Specs at 2024 US Men's Clay Court Championships

    ATP setups and specifications at the 2024 U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships. Racquets, strings, and tensions listed:
  3. S

    How pros get their unsponsored strings?

    Are they buying themselves and carrying in their bags for each tournaments? For instance, Novak using Babolat gut and alu power, is official tournament stringer company already have that strings or Novak give them at the beginning of tournament? If like that, is he buying from full price...
  4. Dropshot777

    ATP 2024 Top 10 Ranking Predictions

    Hi everyone, I am making my top 10 predictions for 2024 ATP year end rankings. If any of you want to post your predictions for the top 10 here, then feel free! 1. Novak Djokovic: Novak has been quite stable throughout the past few years and has probably been the best player on tour, so assuming...
  5. innoVAShaun

    NikeCourt Zoom GP Challenge Pro

    I guess it should be safe to start a GP Challenge Pro thread because there are enough official Nike photos floating around.
  6. J

    Wilson Shift Pro mod - wow...

    Just to help anyone struggling with the same things I was... I bought a Shift Pro two months ago and loved the feel, power, spin, and stability but thought I was swinging a little slow and it felt sluggish... so I bought a Wilson leather grip to try to make it more headlight. When new before...
  7. B

    Wilson Pro Staff 97L V13

    Hello! I want to buy this used Wilson Pro Staff 97L V13 and I would like you to tell me if it is legit. It has a fairly low price compared to the rest on the market and raised a question mark for me if it is legit or not. Thank you! Here are link for photos.
  8. T

    Need string for Head Gravity Pro

    I recently purchased a Head Gravity Pro with Head Lynx Tour @48lbs. I don’t really feel like this string is as great as I liked it to be. I got a recommendation for Solinco Confidential @51 lbs, might try this unless I get a better recommendation.
  9. P

    The Yonex Vcore Pro 97D, after 12 months, switching

    strung weight, 345g, swing weight 327, leather grip, 5pt HL, 2 gram led tape at 10 and 2. VS touch Natural gut on the mains 55lbs, Poly rev tour on the crosses 50lbs. I absolutely love this frame as a single backhander, this was one of the best rackets to swing through the ball for a...
  10. S

    head prime pro vs prime tour overgrips difference

    as the title says i would like to now what the differences are between head prime pro and prime tour overgrips are, online i could not find anything really describing the diffrences. i would like to hear from your experiences and knowledge thanks
  11. M

    ITF Futures

    I have some questions about ITF futures tournament. If anybody can help me answer: -Is it hard to join a tournament? (on the website says theres is more 200+ people qualifier entry list)
  12. M

    Im interested on Medvedev and Zverev pro stock racket molds and specs

    I know I can search it, but im lazy to find some detailed photos about if they use a gravity pro or a tecnifibre paintjob ?
  13. M

    Tecnifibre NRG2 tension for 360 Prestige pro

    Hello I just got a prestige pro and found it to be very low power and very low trajectory which is odd coming from the 360 mp I’m just trying this one out because I’ve heard great things about it’s stability and accuracy. Anyways I’m about to string NRG2 on it and wanted to see if I can get some...
  14. I

    Astrological Signs

    I have taken extensive research in the pro tennis community and have come to the conclusion that there is a correlation between the zodiac sign and mental attributes that are beneficial to tennis whether it is learning and/or playing. Through various experiments and scientific observations, my...
  15. C

    Ideas for tennis camp or a tennis pro -- improvement desired

    Hoping for some great suggestions. My goal is to improve my a better 4.0 doubles player. I have between now and April, 2020 to participate in whatever it takes. I live in Denver, CO but am willing to travel. I'm a retired adult player. So first question -- please recommend some...
  16. C

    Ideas for tennis camp or a tennis pro -- improvement desired

    Hoping for some great suggestions. My goal is to improve my a better 4.0 doubles player. I have between now and April, 2020 to participate in whatever it takes. I live in Denver, CO but am willing to travel. I'm a retired adult player. So first question -- please recommend some high...
  17. Cpt. Rogers

    All DONNAY Racquet Specs

    The purpose of this thread is to be a resource for DONNAY Rackets / Racquets. Specifically the mid to premium / pro level models (as many companies make lots of lower end replicas & knock-offs). DONNAY Experts – I need your help making this thread accurate so please chime-in and be detailed in...
  18. T

    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what racket and string Sebastian Korda uses. He recently made it to the French Open Semi-Finals (juniors) and recently won the junior australian open. I knew he played with head for a while but it looks like he switched to the wilson blade. Does anyone...
  19. T

    What string does Miomir Kecmanovic use?

    This kid is a consistent beast, I love his playing style. I was wondering if anyone knew what string he uses in his Pure Aero? I can't seem to find that info online.
  20. Jaymac77

    How do you respond to “what is your profession/job? (Coaches)

    Hi everyone, I’m a USPTA instructor and whenever I get asked what my job is or what I do for a living I’ve always been curious about what other instructors/pros reply with. For those of you that are certified and talking to someone who knows nothing about tennis what do you tell them when they...
  21. F

    Looking for Grommets for Radical Graphene Pro

    I want to buy a clear grommet for the radical graphene pro, however tennis warehouse only sells the orange cap one. Does anyone know where I can get a clear grommet for the graphene pro? or a grommet that is similar to the clear one?
  22. A

    Tournaments after break?

    I started playing tennis at a pretty young age and got pretty good but i stopped playing about 2 years ago, is there still a way to get back into it and going to tournaments? Im 18 at the moment.
  23. liftordie

    Prince Warrior Pro 100T ESP

    Hi, I'm searching for feedback regarding the Prince Warrior Pro 100T ESP. Any players here have test it? At the moment I'm testing the Warrior Textreme 100T and I like it a lot! Do you think the Warrior Pro 100T ESP could give me the same feeling? With more spin and power? Thank you for your...
  24. Clara

    USPTA certification

    Is there anyone who recently took the uspta exam? I found some previous posts but those were from 5+ years ago. Thanks, C
  25. A

    Racket suggestions! :) Thank you!

    Hi! I'm 23 years old, and I play with a semi western forehand and a single handed backhand. I play an aggressive baseline game, and love to go to the net when the opportunity presents himself. I hit more flat shots than I do topspin. Ideally my racquet should be comfortable (plush, buttery feel...
  26. A

    Need Urgent Advise

    I am 3.5-4.0 level player. I like to play aggressive game and like to come to net a lot. I like topspin forehands.My current racquet is Head Xt Instinct MP(9 gr lead at handle+5 gr at 3&9). I want to buy a new racquet. My choices are 1) Wilson Pro Staff 97s 2) Babolat Pure Strike 18X20 I...
  27. gogo

    Federer! Federer! Federer!

    Sorry, I just had to start a thread with Fed's name as I thought it would catch attention. Of course I am happy to tip my cap to Fed as he is the GOAT and deserves the accolades. I absolutely love him. But... I DO believe there are other players in the world tour. Perhaps I am mistaken?? The...
  28. Andy Murray Is Goat

    Need some guide lines, trying to play international tournaments

    Sup guys, yet again it is me the dreamer. I am trying to start playing international tournaments, I have a few friends in my country who are international players, but I never get to speak to them. So here is my question, what is the general ranking I have to have in my own country if I want to...
  29. Spoderblitz

    David Ferrer practicing at the Australian Open

    This is a video that I recorded of Ferrer practicing at the 2017 Aus open.
  30. TripleATeam

    Miomir Kecmanovic

    The 2x Orange Bowl winner has won the ITF Sunrise pro series event. This is a very good sign for anyone who wants him to succeed on the pro circuit. During the event, he lost just one set- in the R16 against J. Pia Malfieto. All the others he won in straights with scorelines of 6-2, 6-1, or 6-3...