1. Rafa4LifeEver

    Ask me anything, I'm a professional........

    ...... poster. I'm a professional TTW poster now. Ask me anything, ladies and gentlemen. This will be my Q&A thread. I'll try to answer everyone's questions Thanks, -rafa4lifeever
  2. T

    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what racket and string Sebastian Korda uses. He recently made it to the French Open Semi-Finals (juniors) and recently won the junior australian open. I knew he played with head for a while but it looks like he switched to the wilson blade. Does anyone...
  3. T

    What string does Miomir Kecmanovic use?

    This kid is a consistent beast, I love his playing style. I was wondering if anyone knew what string he uses in his Pure Aero? I can't seem to find that info online.
  4. R

    Tennis player from india

    I am from India. I consider myself a very good player. I am trying to turn pro. But I couldn't play many tournaments as I spend a lot of money for tennis coaching itself. And couldn't afford to play tournament. I am looking for some scholarship to build my career. But I am 22 years old and...